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World War II Fighter Videos Now Showing!
Click to Watch P-51 Mustang training video."The Mustang"
Flight Characteristics of the North American P-51 "Mustang" (1944, B&W)
This is the fighter that turned the tide over Europe. Lee J. Cobb gets a supporting Oscar.
Click to watch an F4U Corsair training video "The Ensign Eliminator" "Ba Ba Black Sheep"
The Vought F4U "Corsair" (1944,B&W)
Known to Japanese pilots as "Whistling Death" for good reason and loved by "The Corps," It took the Brits to figure out how to fly her successfully from carriers and the USN's VF17 "The Jolly Rogers" to pave the way for US Carrier Ops. Featured on the popular TV series "Black Sheep Squadron" with Pappy Boyington's VMF 214.
Click to See P-38 Lightning training video. "The Forked Tail Devil" -
Flight Characteristics of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning (1943, color) Digitally restored! Lockheed's top WWII test pilots do the check out. This is the versatile plane flown by top Army ace Dick Bong and in the pin point raid that downed Admiral Yamamoto.
Click tio watch P-47 Thunderbolt training video"The Jug" -
How to Fly the Republic P-47 "Thunderbolt (1943, B&W)
P-47 Ground Handling, Takeoff, Normal Flight and Landing
Watch the big Jug rock & roll plus turbo-supercharger operation. The Thunderbolt was the first ride in Europe for 56th FG fighter aces "Gabby" Gabreski, Dave Schlling and "Hub" Zemke. The P-47 evolved into the #1 fighter/bomber in the ETO.
Click to watch F6F Hellcat training video. "The Hellcat" -
Flight Characteristics of the Grumman F6F "Hellcat" (1944, B&W)
Rugged, fast, powerful, and produced in great numbers at "the Ironworks," this sweet handling Navy fighter aircraft overwhelmed the Japanese Zero.
Click to Watch P-61 Black Widow training video. "The Black Widow"
Flying the P-61 Series Airplane: The Northrop "Black Widow" Night Fighter (1944, B&W)
The Air Corp's first stealth fighter? Big black and heavily armed with radar and canon, this was their first purpose built night fighter.
Click to Watch P-39 Airacobra trainig video"The Iron Dawg"
Introduction to the Bell P-39 Airacobra (1943, B&W)
The Russians favorite lend lease import -- a great tank buster on the Eastern Front with a big 37mm canon in the nose.
P-40 WarHawk"The Flying Tiger" -
How to Fly the Curtis P-40 "War Hawk" (1943, B&W)This was the shark mouthed fighter that Claire Chenault's "Flying Tigers" of the AVG used to great effect against the Japanese over China and Burma.
Offensive Fighter Tactics For World War 2 Airmen Produced and narrated by legendary Navy ace Jimmy "The Thach Weave" Thach, this detailed fighter pilot training film is a "must watch" for all World War 2 fighter fans & virtual combat pilots.
Click to watch a video about the B-58 'Hustelr" supersonic bomber. "The Hustler" -
The Convair B-58: Champion of Champions (1962,Color) At Mach2+, the "Hustler" was the World's first supersonic bomber. She immediately set an unprecedented (and since unequaled) series of 14 speed and altitude records. Jimmy Stewart takes you on the tour -- and flys this magnificent aircraft!
Click to watch a training video for the North American F-86 Fj2 jet fighter "The Sabre Jet"
Flight Capabilities of the North American FJ-2 Airplane (1953, color)
The FJ-2 was the variant of the USAF F-86 Sabre supplied to the US Navy to meet a crying need for a swept wing, high performance fighter during the Korean War. (In most respects the two planes are identical.) See this agile aircraft put through her paces over the Patuxent proving ground in this vintage pilot training film.
B-47 "The Stratojet" NEW!
Flying the Boeing B-47 This comprehensive training film was produced by the US Air Force to familiarize pilots and aircrew transitioning from prop driven aircraft like the B-29 to the new world of the B-47, the USAF's first jet bomber.
B-47 Combat Maneuvers NEW! See the big B-47 do an Immelman & more
World War II Trainer Videos Now Showing
Click to watch the "Primary Flight Traing" with the Stearman video."The Yellow Peril"
Primary Flight Training (1944-45, B&W) featuring the Stearman N2S "Kaydet" primary trainer. This sweet handling biplane was the first step up into the sky for tens of thousands of pilots during World War II, and many are still flown by it's legion of loyal fans. Starring and directed by Hollywood legend, actor Robert Taylor.
Click to watch "Advanced Flight Training with the North American AT-6 SNJThe North American AT-6/SNJ "Texan"
"SNJ Advanced Flight Training" (1953, B&W)
Probably the most produced "Advanced Trainer" in history, used by both the US Air Corps (AT-6) and the Navy (SNJ) and by many other nations. Renowned for her nimble, forgiving handling, it's only natural that this was the aircraft chosen when a double was needed for the Japanese Zero in numerous war movies and TV shows, including "Ba Ba Black Sheep" and "Tore Tora Tora!"

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World War II Bomber Videos Now Showing!
Click to watch B-17 Flying Fortress pilot traing videos The "Flying Fortress' - -
Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" Flight Operations
Featured in films like "Twelve O'clock High," the rugged "Fort" was renowned for her ability to bring her crews home, even after sustaining massive battle damage.
Click to watch Consolidated B-24 Liberator training videos -
How to Fly the Consolidated B-24D "Liberator" Land Bomber (1943,color)
The most produced heavy bomber in World War II, this is the aircraft that was flown with such precision in the daring low level raid on the Romanian oil fields at Ploesti.
Click to watch 'How to fly the B-25" training vdieo
How to Fly the North American B-25 "Mitchell" (1943, B&W)
Is that Tom Clancy at the controls? The versatile "medium" Mitchell was flown off the deck of the carrier Hornet in the epic Doolittle raid on Tokyo, and one version mounted a massive 75mm canon for ground attack.
How to Fly the Martin B-26 "Marauder"
How to Fly the Martin B-26 "Marauder"(1944, B&W)
This video is highly recommended, combining Hollywood drama with great attention to detail. That's "Peter Gunn" in the right seat. The Marauder was fast, unforgiving of rookie mistakes, rugged and heavily armed.
Watch B-29 Super Fortress pilot trainingg video The "Superfort" -
Boeing B-29 "Super Fortress" Flight Procedures
and Combat Crew Functioning (1944, B&W) The ultimate in piston engine era high tech. Faster than a Zero, with remote controlled gun turrets, this is the plane that made the very long range raids on Japan possible.
Watch "Flying the A-20 Bomber" training videoThe Douglas A-20 "Havoc"
Flying the A-20 Bomber (1943, B&W)
Flown as "the Boston" by the Brits on tree top level 'ramrod' raids over the Continent and as the "Havoc" by the US Army Air Corps skimming the jungles of SE Asia, this magnificent attack bomber is one of the most under appreciated aircraft of World War II.
Watch "A-26 Flying Tips"pilot training video. The Douglas A-26 "Invader" -
A-26 Flying Tips (1945--B&W)
WWII, Korea, Indochina, the Bay of Pigs, Laos, Vietnam, the Congo, South America, fire fighting in the Pacific North West -- this fantastic aircraft has seen it all. The most advanced attack plane of the War.
Watch "Flying the TBF" training video. Bush One's ride.
The Grumman TBF/TBM "Avenger" Torpedo Bomber
Flying the TBF (1943 -B&W) The rugged Avenger packed a powerful punch and was a key player in many battles in the Pacific.
Watych a video on how to fly the Brewster "Buccaneer" SB2A Scout-Bomber
The Brewster "Buccaneer" SB2A Scout-Bomber
Was it really "the worst aircraft of World War II?" See the video and judge for yourself
Do you need our historic footage for a documentary or special project?
Unlike other historic film publishers, we have digitally restored many of our videos and have supplied clips for programs shown on the History, Discovery and A&E channels, PBS, the BBC and other network world wide & to air museums for video displays.
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