Picture from Douglas A-20 pilot's manual "What did I forget?"

RAF A-20 Bostons and Mosquitoes hit Philips radio plant at Eindhoven, 1943

More Neat A-20 Havoc Stuff

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A-20 Hydraulic System Diagram

A-20 Stations

A-20 Pilot Protection Armor

A-20 Cockpit Right View

A-20 Cockpit Left plus key to "Pilot Switch Box"

A-20 Pilot Switch Box

A-20 Pilot's Instrument Panel

A-20 Cockpit Communications

A-20 Fuselage Communications Center

A-20 Upper Machine gun Position

A-20 Lower Machine Gun Position

A-20 Bombardiers Instrument Panel

A-20 Load Adjustment Calculator

A-20 Flight Operation Instruction Chart

A-20 Take Off Distance Calculation Chart

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