Boeing B-47 Stratojet
Combat Maneuvers
See the Stratojet do an Immelman!
Exclusive color corrected video.

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Exclusive Color Correction In 1954 the Air Force conducted a series of maneuver tests that showcased the B-47's outstanding agility. Theses tests were specifically designed to explore the B-47s ability to 'toss bomb." The aircraft would approach the target low and at high speed, pull up sharply, open bomb bay doors, use momentum to literally fling the bomb towards the target and then execute the rest of a half loop Immelman turn so that they were flying back in the opposite direction at the top of the loop. This maneuver allowed the bomber to drop nuclear and high explosive weapons at low altitudes without danger of blast damage or flying directly over heavily defended targets. Seeing the big, sleek B-47 execute this maneuver (and barrel rolls too!) is truly memorable. Cameras located all over the aircraft give unique views during the test flights

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B-47 Combat Maneuvers
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