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World War 2 RAF Action NEW
Northrop P-61 Night Fighters in Color
1st Flight of the Northrop Flying Wing `1948
We Flew the Mig 15
The Battleship Wisconsin in Action
"Pilot Heaven "- WW2 Safety Training
USAF "Jolly Green Giants" support Marines in Vietnam
The Hidden Army - US Women in Defense in WW2
World War 2 RAF Action!
Mustang Dive Bombers, Hurricane Tank Busters, Spitfire Fighter/Bombers, Bostons on the deck & more (Restored-HD) NEW!

Selected highlights from "The Gen" R.A.F. News Magazine, distributed exclusively inside the service during World War 2. The RAF modifies North American Mustangs for dive bombing. Polish air crew take along their mascot “Spot” on night bombing missions. Gibraltar serves as both a strategic airbase and field assembly point for crated aircraft to be distributed around the Med. Allied bombers, including RAF Bostons & Mitchells, strike the island fortress of Pantelleria leading to its surrender. Hurricane “Tank Busters', fighter/bombers armed with two 40mm canon, attack the Afrika Korps. The refitted & rearmed French aircraft carrier Berne joins Allied Forces in the North Atlantic. Coastal Command Lockheed Hudson Bombers. Free French "Lorraine" Squadron Bostons make very low level raids over their home country

Northrop P-61 Black Widow Night Fighters in Color 1945
(Digitally Restored)
Very rare color P-61 night fighter footage shot at the end of World War II. This is an original documentary I put together from unedited, silent archival film. See the 422nd NFS operating out of Florennes, Belgium, where you'll get an up close look at P-61 "No Nothin II." Then you'll move on to the Pacific and the island of Saipan, where you'll see legendary 548th NFS P-61 "Bat Outta Hells." One the highlights of this program is P-61 gun camera film showing a night attack with bombs, rockets and 20mm cannon
First Flights of the Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing 1948 (Digitally Restored)
This film was produced by the US Air Force and Northrop to show the first test flights of the YB-49 Flying Wing at Northrop' s Hawthorne, California facility, introducing it to the American public for the first time. The YB-49 was a redesign of the propeller driven B-35, upgraded with six GE Allison jet engines and various structural design improvements. The revolutionary design and almost other worldly, alien spacecraft-like lines of the jet powered Wing are highlighted in this very clean black and white footage. Its radar signature was very small.
We flew the Mig
We Flew the Mig 15

In September, 1953, a North Korean defector handed over the first Russian Mig 15 to fall into US hands. This was a momentous occasion because the Mig had proven to be a worthy adversary for the North American F-86 Sabre in the skies over Korea. The Mig was immediately subjected to comprehensive testing. You'll see Chuck Yeagar and other top test pilots putting the Mig through it's paces and hear what they learned, along with a point by point performance comparison with the F-86. Nice footage of the Mig's armaments too.

Battleship Wisconsin
Floating Fortress - The Battleship Wisconsin in Action
This is a unique look inside an Iowa class battleship, the U.S.S. Wisconsin, during the Korean Conflict. Essentially unchanged from World War 2, the Wisconsin provided fire support for amphibious landings and inland battles, hurling 16 inch shells 20 miles. The Wisconsin was a floating city at work. You'll see all aspects of daily operations including inside the gun turret in action, on the bridge, the fire control center, messes, bakeries, butcher shops, the PX, print shop, the engine room and much more. (And incidentally, the ship is commanded by highly decorated Capt. Thomas Burrowes, leader of Destroyer Squadron Des Ron 106 attack against the Japanese Fleet at Leyte Gulf.)
Pilot Heaven
Learn & Live: Pilot Safety Training in World War 2
Pilot deaths during training were all too frequent in World War 2, a grim fact that was kept from the public, but was a matter of grave concern to the Army Air Corps. Shown only to pilots, this wonderful film, “Learn & Live,” is a unique combination of an entertaining, sometimes surreal storyline, with practical nuts and bolts safety training. Saint Peter (Guy Kibby) gives “Joe Instructor” a temporary pass to ”Pilot Heaven,” because he's concerned that so many more young trainees are coming up stairs before their time, due to ignoring procedures or excessive bravado. . What follows are a dozen case studies of how recent arrivals, wearing angels wings, shooting pool & playing cards, met their fates, told with pointed, often sarcastic humor.
Ch-3 Helos
USAF 20th Helicopter Squadron CH-3C Jolly Green Giant Helicopters
support Marine Delta Force amphibious landing during "Operation Double Eagle" in color
Exclusive documentary. Excellent color. Operation Double Eagle in late January, 1966 was the largest Marine amphibious assault since the Korean War and the largest conducted during the Vietnam War. 5,000 marines from 1st Marines, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, and 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines landed by ship and helicopter in southern Quang Ngai Province near Duc Pho. Great quality color footage shows 20th Squadron "Jolly Green Giant" CH-3C helos operating out of Danang supporting the amphibious landing in a wide variety of roles.
Women in Defense
The Hidden Army - American Women in World War 2

The film opens in a remarkable flash forward to the future from 1944. Germany has been defeated and Adolf Hitler sits in a dark prison, writing his memoirs, “The Losing Fight,” working on chapter 25, ”The Hidden Army.” in 1939 his experts in War Planning had told him in the coming War, the USA wasn't a threat because its armed forces were weak and it couldn't put a large army in the field and man defense plants at the same time. The very idea of American women going to work is scoffed at because they are “the most decadent on earth” & “spend more money in a year on cosmetics then their Navy spends on ships.” Boy were they wrong! American women soon made up 20% the work force in defense industries and replaced men in in 100s of thousands of other civilian jobs.

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