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US Army Air Service Cadets Train for WW1 Aviation NEW
Profile of a World War 2 Test Pilots
Douglas A-26 Invaders Attack
Thunderbolts: Ramrod to Emden
RAF AirFront WW2 Action
Sucker Bait -- Spies!
U.S. Navy Destroyers
Saipan Superforts
U.S. Army Air Service Cadets Train for World War 1 Aviation - 1917 NEW!
I created this original documentary from archival footage that I digitally restored. When the United States entered World War 1 in April, 1917 there was an immediate need to create an "Air Service" almost from scratch. Thousands of pilots, observers, bombardiers and gunners had to be trained in record time for the air war in Europe at newly constructed or converted facilities spread across America. One of the surprises in this is film is the use of early "Virtual Reality" simulations in training! The venerable Curtiss ""Jenny" training plane is featured throughout.
Profile of a World War 2 Test Pilot
Not only is this a great film about what it took to be a World War 2 test pilot, there's rare shots of experimental aircraft at Wright Field. I added subtitles to ID many of them. This film was developed by personnel at the Army Air Corps top secret Wright Field flight test facility during World War 2 to give pilots the low down on what to expect if they joined their aircraft testing program. As such, the film is both very informative, with plenty of info about flight testing at that time, including climb, level flight, take off and landing, test instruments, and pilot responsibilities.
416th Bomb Group- Douglas A-26 Invaders Attack!
This is an original documentary I put together from silent, unedited archival film footage and stills. The essential roll that "Attack" bombers like the A-20 & A-26 is one of the untold stories of World War 2. Legendary SFP 186 Army Air Force combat cameramen rode along with 416th Bomb Group A-26 Invaders during March and April, 1945 with color film loaded in their cameras. The results are some of the most beautiful and dramatic footage to come out of the World War II. You'll see fleets of silver Invaders soaring through towering cumulus clouds before unloading torrents of bombs deep inside the Third Reich.
The Thunderbolts: Ramrod to Emden
The 56th Fighter Group (made up of the 61, 62 & 63 squadrons) was one of the most storied Air Corps units of World War II. Home to aces like David Schilling (22 kills), Frances "Gabby" Gabreski (28), Robert S. Johnson (27), Fred Christensen (21.5), Walker Mahurin (21), and CO Hubert "Hub" Zemke (18), the 56th blazed an early trail across the skies of the ETO in their massive, but deadly P-47 Thunderbolts. "Ramrod to Emden" is the story of the Dec 11, 1943 bomber escort mission (aka "a ramrod") to Emden, Germany.
R.A.F. Air Front
Market Garden, Tallboys, Typhoons, Tempests, Night Raids & More
"Airfront" was the operational mission film series that supplemented the 'The Gen" R.A.F News Magazine shown to service personnel. These bulletins cover R.A.F Operations from the run up to D-day in the Fall of 1944 through the end of the war in 1945. You'll see glider landings in support of Operation Market Garden, horrific night attacks on Brunswick (Braunschweig ) and other old German cities with incendiary bombs that literally set them on fire, Hawker Typhoon & Tempest fighter/bombers attacking bridges, railroads & troop concentrations, Mosquitoes & Bristol Beaufighters & attacking shipping on the Norwegian coast, and Lancaster dropping massive 12,000 LB Tall Boy€ & 22,000 LB €Grand Slam€ bombs on hardened targets like submariner pens and coastal defenseless and much more
Sucker Bait
“Loose lips sink ships,” was a warning seen everywhere during World War 2 in America. In this highly dramatic training film, starring Richard Carlson with Donna Reed, Barry Nelson and Esther Williams, unfortunately that comes true. The framework of the film is a lecture to a freshman class for spies in Germany who will soon be sent to the USA. As the cynical, sardonic instructor says, “Here is an incident to illustrate how our enemies talk, think and are criminally careless.”
U.S. Navy Destroyers: Greyhounds of the Sea
Narrated by the legendary actor & ex Marine Corps DI, Jack Webb, this fascinating documentary covers the history of “Tin Cans” from the US Navy's first “Torpedo Boat Destroyer,” the U.S.S Bainbridge (DD-1) in 1903 to modern guided missile and ASW Destroyers operating in Hunter/Killer groups in concert with Aircraft Carriers. Excellent archival footage from World Wars I & 2 along with captured films from inside U-Boats. Particularly interesting are the differing roles played by Destroyers in the Atlantic and Pacific
Saipan Superforts

Exclusive original documentary This Amazing footage shows the 73rd Bomb Wing, based on the island of Saipan in the Marianas, operating against Japan in early 1945. You'll see B-29 pilots & crews on R&R and on mission in their magnificent Superfortresses. The fates of many of the B-29s seen in this picture are documented during the film. Some made the ultimate sacrifice. You'll see a gallery of memorable 73rd Bomb Wing nose art too -- all in living color.


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