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461st AAA Direct Fire Mission 1944 NEW!
What to Do When Your Sherman Tank Gets Stuck
B-25s Attack Rabaul "On the Deck!"
R.A.F. Action Spits, Mosquitoes & More
"There is a Way" 425th TFS F-105s in Vietnam
House Search for World War 2 Spies
Life on a Cold War Destroyer
German Infantry Small Arms
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I created this mini documentary from recently discovered silent, unedited footage from the National Archives. I edited & assembled the shots into what I believe reflects the story telling intent of the combat cameramen who filmed it in 1944. I added live sound effects sampled from real M60 Half-Tracks, GMC CCKW 353 2½-ton 6×6 trucks and live firings of Bofors 40mm Antiaircraft guns & Quad .50 calibers. The film shows elements of the 461st AAA BAT, including M-60 Half-track M16s with quad .50 cals and GMC trucks towing 40mm Bofors M1 Anti Aircraft Guns, arriving at two locations in the Hürtgen forest. They set up positions and aim direct fire at distant Wehrmacht units in the forest. This is unusually high quality footage showing men and equipment up close. Live firing scenes are awesome!
What to Do When Your Sherman Tank Gets Stuck in the Mud
and other "Field Expedients"
This film is an entertaining treasure trove of down & dirty inside info on how U.S. tanks and other tracked vehicles were kept rolling & overcame a multitude of obstacles in the field during World War 2. '"Field Expedients" were "Anything you can think of to keep your vehicle rolling." In other words, this film is a show case of good 'ol American know how solving problems in novel and innovative ways. Often times in World War 2, just getting to where you needed to go in your tank was half the battle. You'll learn how M4 Shermans & M5 Stuarts navigated a wide variety of obstacles, including deep mud, anti tank ditches, sand & boulders and much more.
B-25 Bombers Attack Rabaul "On the Deck!"
In October 1943 a massive Allied air offensive was launched to neutralize the Japanese stronghold at the anchorage at Rabaul on the island of New Britain in the South West Pacific. This dramatic film, shot by 5th Air Force Combat Cameramen, shows North American B-25 medium bombers from the 38th and 345th Bomb Groups attacking airfields, ships and storage dumps in and around Rabaul harbor, including airfields at Vunakanau, Rapopo and Tobera from October 11th through October 15th. To maintain the element of surprise and avoid antiaircraft fire, the attacking aircraft flew on the deck, just above the jungle, dropping conventional and parafrag€ parachute bombs and strafing with machine guns at very low altitudes
R.A.F. Action: Spit Fighter/Bombers, Mosquitos, B-26s, Boomerangs & more
"The Gen" was the RAF news magazine film series shown only to service personnel to keep them informed of the latest developments on all fronts. Selected episodes shown here include a new dive bomber version of the Supermarine Spitfire, the 25th Anniversary of the RAF, German ex Heavyweight Boxing Champion Max Schmeling trains to be a Luftwaffe paratrooper, American Martin B-26 Bombers fly tactical missions before D-Day, "Bomber" Harris, the Australian designed & built CAC "Boomerang" fighter struts its stuff, Transport Command pilots learn to fly all kinds of Allied fighters & bombers, "Wooden Wonder" de Havilland Mosquitos are built in Canada and more..
There is a Way
421st Tactical Fighter Squadron Fighting Cavaliers and their F-105 Thunderchiefs in Vietnam
This is a lot more than your average USAF "information" film. Shot in November, 1966, this up close and personal look at the 421st Sq, 388th TFW has everything from exciting footage of a bombing raid on Hanoi, dodging SAMs and fighting Migs, to feverish overnight activity to repair and rearm the big "Thuds"at their base at Korat, Thailand. Best of all, its told through spontaneous interviews and open mics that capture air combat radio chatter, after mission pilot stories, and conversations with everyone from the base commander to pilots and mechanics. You'll see mission briefings and after action intelligence debriefings.
House Search for World War 2 Spies
From the C.I.A. Archives, a "hands on" agent training film produced by the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services) during Word War 2 on the art of hiding (and finding) objects & secret information hidden in locations like homes, apartments, and hotel rooms. The story begins with an American industrialist working in a neutral country, who is working as an O.S.S operative. He has hidden a purloined chemical sample and other info in his apartment, which is soon searched by an enemy agent , who knows a few things, but doesn't know enough to find what he's after. You'll see what he learned to do it.
Destroyer Men Life on board a U.S.N. DD during "The Cold War"
This is a rare up close and personal look at daily life aboard US Navy destroyers on duty with the 6th fleet in the Mediterranean in the early 1960s. Featured ships include USS Bordelon (DD-881), USS Strong (DD-758), and USS Gearing (DD-710). You'll see a wide range of activities including a submarine alert, gunfire drill including shots inside the 5. gun turret, engine room operations, refueling at sea, and liberty ashore in Athens, Greece. A memorable color snap snapshot of a bygone era.
Enemy Weapons: German Infantry Small Arms
Captured German arms were used in this World War 2 era US Army training film to familiarize American troops with the weapons of their enemy.(Who knows, maybe they thought they might have to be used in combat if you ran out of ammo.) The 9mm "Schmeisser" MP-40 machine pistol, the 7.92mm MG-34 machine gun, 7.92mm MG 42 machine gun and the 7.92mm 1898K Mauser rifle are all demonstrated. That includes a demonstration of features, field stripping, and firing of each weapon. Various tripod mounts are demonstrated for the machine guns along with different magazines.
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