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D-Day 75th Anniversary Special!
D-Day Newsreels NEW!
Allied Medical Services in Normandy NEW!
Normandy Campaign Daily Situation Maps NEW!
D-Day to Berlin with a Newsreel Cameraman
U.K. Culture for American G.I.s
DZ Normandy - The Airborne Invasion
D-Day Behind the Scenes with the Coast Guard
The True Glory - From D-Day to the Elbe
These film newsreels were produced shortly after the D-Day landings. They are the first images seen by the general public in Allied nations when the went to "the movies." While by no means historically definitive or "objective," they give a good idea of what the public saw and how Normandy was portrayed by news organizations. The last film, "Eve of Battle," also gives a briefing on the general situation in the European Theater as it was covered at the time.
Allied Medical Services During the Normandy InvasionNEW!
Most documentaries on "D-Day" focus on the logistics that went into military aspects of the combined amphibious & airborne assaults. This fascinating "Restricted" documentary gives a behind the scenes look into the complex planning and execution that went into providing rapid and effective medical services for wounded servicemen & women, saving thousands of lives. There's never before seen footage of soldiers being treated by medics on the beach on D-Day before being evacuated on specially modified LSTs the had fully equipped ER that could treat 200 patients on the way across the channel.
Daily Situation Maps from the Normandy Campaign NEW!
This remarkable series of Top Secret "situation maps," shown in slow motion time lapse, are the actual ones used by Allied 12th Army Group Headquarters to show the position of Allied and German military units in the Normandy Invasion area from D-Day June 6 through the "Breakout" across Northern France through August 25th, 1944.
D-Day to Berlin with a Newsreel Cameraman
This amazing film has behind the scenes color film of the D-Day Landings you won't see anywhere else -- and a lot more. Jack Lieb, a cameraman for " News of the Day" newsreels, brought along a 16mm camera to make a color film diary when he wasn't photographing with his 35 mm for theatrical release. The result is a personal look at what he experienced every day from London in the Spring of 1944 on, now preserved in the National Archives. Embarkation at Plymouth, crossing the Channel in an LCI, the landings on Utah Beach, the port of Cherbourg shortly after the city fell ( including long lines of German prisoners), a rare color glimpse of P-47s & P-38s flying from an ad hoc airfield near Sainte-Mère-Église
A Welcome to Britain - U.K. Culture for G.I.s
G. B. Shaw said, "The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language." That was never more true than when tens of thousands of American servicemen poured into the British Isles during World War 2. This charming, humorous film, starring award winner Burgess Meredith, was an Anglo-American co-production shown to prepare Yanks for successfully dealing with inevitable culture shock when they started moving among the general population in the U.K..
DZ Normandy -- The D-Day Airborne Invasion
"DZ Normandy: The Employment of Troop Carrier Forces" was produced during World War 2 to show the strategic and tactical planning that went into the airborne component of the June 6th, 1944 D-Day invasion as well as document the actual proceedings. It was originally only shown to airborne troops as part of their training and was declassified after the end of the War. Of special interest is the detailed depiction of the development of glider troop transport and doctrine. Great footage of 82nd & 101st Division paratroopers too.
    D-Day -- Behind the Scenes with the U.S. Coast Guard
This remarkable film "Coast Guard Report: The Normandy Invasion" is a treasure trove of never before seen footage from the Normandy sea borne invasion, in very well preserved black and white film. We've seen a lot of footage from D-Day over the years, but most of this is new to us! The U.S. Coast Guard manned many of the specialized ships and landing craft used to transport men, tanks, vehicles and material from England to the landing beaches in France, sometimes sustaining heavy casualties.
The True Glory from D-Day to the Elbe
"The True Glory" tells the breathtaking story of the Allied sweep across Northern Europe, seen through the lenses of hundreds of Combat Cameramen from the USA, Canada, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Great Britain, and captured German footage. Legendary American Writer-Director Garsin Kanin ("Born Yesterday," "Adam's Rib," "Pat & Mike) teamed up with Oscar Award Winning Director Carole Reed (Oliver!, the third Man (nominee) and 3 time Oscar Winning writer Paddy Chayefsky (Marty, Network, The Hospital), reviewed thousands of hours of film and hundreds of pages of eye witness accounts and distilled them down to this fast moving, exciting and inspirational collection of some of the finest images, music & narration we have from World War II
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