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R.A.F. "The Battle of the Seas" 1944 NEW!
DZ Normandy - The Airborne Invasion 1944
354th Fighter Group D-Day Pilot Interviews
D-Day to Berlin with a Newsreel Cameraman COLOR
Photo Intelligence & Analysis for Bomber Missions
John Ford's"The Battle of Midway" COLOR
Life & Death of the Carrier Hornet
A Welcome to Britain for American G.I.s
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This action packed short documentary shows the roles played by R.A.F Bomber and Coastal Commands in the war at sea in World War 2 from 1939 through 1944. Highlights include anti-submarines patrols over the North Atlantic, the hunt for the Battleship Bismarck, shooting down a Focke Wulf "Condor" long range bomber, supporting the D-Day Landings, and sinking the Battleship Tirpitz. Some of the featured aircraft - Short Sunderlands, PBYs, Avro Lancasters, Bristol Beaufighters, and Consolidated Liberators.
DZ Normandy The D-Day Airborne Invasion, June 6th, 1944
"DZ Normandy: The Employment of Troop Carrier Forces" was produced during World War 2 to show the strategic and tactical planning that went into the airborne component of the June 6th, 1944 D-Day invasion as well as document the actual proceedings. It was originally only shown to airborne troops as part of their training and was declassified after the end of the War. Of special interest is the detailed depiction of the development of glider troop transport and doctrine. Great footage of 82nd & 101st Division paratroopers too.
354th Fighter Group D-Day Pilot Interviews June 7th 1944

The 354 FG, the “Pioneer Mustang Group,” was the first American unit to fly P-51 Mustang fighters in combat in Europe. The Group, part of the Ninth Air Force, had three Fighter Squadrons: the 353rd, 355th & 356th. On the night of D-Day, June 6th, 1944, they escorted Douglas C-47s towing paratroop gliders to Normandy.. After completing that mission they returned to their base at Boxted Airdrome & took off very early on June 7th to fly combat air patrol over the D-Day landing beaches. These are interviews with 354 F.G. pilots filmed immediately after the morning mission, still wearing flight gear. You'll see & hear 354th F.G. CO Col. George R. Bicknel, and Squadron leaders Maj. Jack T. Bradley (353rd), Capt. Robert W. Stephens (355th) and Maj Richard E. Turner (356th), along with some of the Groups most experienced pilots.

This amazing film has behind the scenes color film of the D-Day Landings you won't see anywhere else -- and a lot more. Jack Lieb, a cameraman for " News of the Day" newsreels, brought along a 16mm camera to make a color film diary when he wasn't photographing with his 35 mm for theatrical release. The result is a personal look at what he experienced every day from London in the Spring of 1944 on, now preserved in the National Archives. Embarkation at Plymouth, crossing the Channel in an LCI, the landings on Utah Beach, the port of Cherbourg shortly after the city fell ( including long lines of German prisoners), a rare color glimpse of P-47s & P-38s flying from an ad hoc airfield near Sainte-Mère-Église, 3rd Army coming ashore soon after Omaha Beach was secured, the Liberation of Paris and much more. Jack Lieb himself gives a colorful and insightful narration.
Top secret & never shown to the public, this picture is an amazing time capsule from World War 2. Starring screen legend Alan Ladd (Shane, This Gun for Hire) it's like a real life detective story, seen only by Air Intelligence trainees.Smitty€ an American Captain in photo analysis stationed in a misty Scottish castle, becomes obsessed with a photo recon picture taken over Hamburg, Germany, that has anomalies he just can't explain. The story of how he solves this riddle using persistence, insight and World War 2 High Tech (including €Stereo Vision) is a fascinating tale. You'll see all phases of Photographic Intelligence in action, from initial missions flown by Lockheed F5s (recon version of the P-38) high over Germany, through Phase 1 Tactical Analysis to Phase 2 Strategic Analysis."
John Ford's "The Battle of Midway" 1942
The Battle of Midway" is an Academy Award Winning documentary, directed by four time Oscar Winner John Ford (The Quiet Man, The Grapes of Wrath, Stage Coach, The Informer). This stirring documentary was shot by director John Ford during the intense June 4th Japanese carrier plane attacks on Midway Island and by Navy Combat Cameramen aboard the USS Yorktown during the epic carrier battle, along with color gun camera film of air to air and air to sea combat. Highlights include memorable scenes from the Marine Base on Midway, airfield B-17s leaving to attack the Japanese fleet, patrolling PBYs, action packed Japanese attacks on the Yorktown and Midway, and up close shots of the Yorktown's squadron VF3 and their F4F Wild Cats, including aces John S. "Jimmy' Thach ("The Thach Weave") and Lt. E. Scott McCuskey.
The Life & Death of the Carrier USS Hornet
This moving documentary tells the dramatic story of the legendary American aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet (CV-8) , from her launching by Newport News Shipbuilding on Dec 14, 1941 through her dramatic loss on 27 October 1942 after the Battle of Santa Cruz off Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. In between , you'll see some of the best footage we have of the Hornet's role in the launching of Col. Jimmy Doolittle's amazing B-25 bomber strike on Tokyo from here heaving flight deck on 18 April, 1942. You'll also see memorable scenes from her participation in the Battle of Midway, including up close footage of the immortal heroes of Torpedo Squadron 8 (VT-8), all of whose members, except one lone survivor, Ensign George Gay, lost their lives flying unescorted against the Japanese fleet in their out-dated Douglas TBD Devastators..
A Welcome to Britain U.K. Culture for G.I.s 1942
G. B. Shaw said, "The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language." That was never more true than when tens of thousands of American servicemen poured into the British Isles during World War 2. This charming, humorous film, starring award winner Burgess Meredith, was an Anglo-American co-production shown to prepare Yanks for successfully dealing with inevitable culture shock when they started moving among the general population in the U.K., and just as importantly, how to avoid unintentionally offending their hosts.
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