Primary Flight Training featuring
the Boeing/Stearman PT-13 -17 N2S Kaydet
Taxiing and Take-offs (19:00)
This series of basic flight training films was produced and directed for the US Navy by actor and Hollywood legend Robert "Bob" Taylor, who starred in over 80 films including "Waterloo Bridge," "Bataan," Ivanhoe," and "Billy the Kid." Taylor was a Lieutenant in the USNR and an active flight instructor during the War, and it shows in this comprehensive presentation. The films also give plenty of insights into a war time flight school, punctuated by humorous vignettes, illustrations and animations. The other star of these films is the beloved Stearman N2S biplane trainer, aka "The Yellow Peril." This sweet handling ship was the first step up into the sky for tens of thousands of pilots during World War II, and many are still flown to this day by it's legion of loyal fans. You'll get to know the Stearman inside & out
Boeing/Stearman PT-13 -17 N2S Kaydet Vital Statistics
TypeTwo seat primary trainer
Power plant
one 220-hp (164-kW) Lycoming R-680-17 radial piston engine
Maximum Speed:
124 mph (200km/h)
Cruising Speed
106 mph (171 km/h)
Service Ceiling: 11,200 ft (3415m)
Range: 505 miles (813 km)
Span: 32 ft 2 in ft (9.8m)
Length: 25 ft (7.63m)
Height: 9ft 2 in (2.79m)
Wing Area: 297 sq ft (27.59m2)
Empty: 1,936 lb (1232kg)
Max. Take-off:2,717 lb (1232 kg)
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These films lay a fine ground work for primary flight skills
We've added two Stearman pilot's manuals to the DVDs
One manual is for the Navy "N2S" series and one manual is for the Army "PT" series airplanes. You get pilots instructions, performance stats, graphs & more, all on
the Stearman 2 DVD set
These DVDs are very popular with Stearman pilots.
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