Download the manual pilots used to fly the Supermarine Spitfire II, MK IIA and IIB
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Download the Supermarine Spitfire
Mk IIA & IIB Pilot's Manual
(25 Pages, 352 kb Adobe Acrobat ".pdf" file )
The Supermarine Spitfire fighter is arguably the most famous combat aircraft of all time. During the Battle of Britain, though substantially out numbered by the RAF's other first line fighter, the Hawker Hurricane, the Spit was regarded by friend and foe alike as the most deadly plane in the skies. The Mark II version featured in this pilot's manual started to reach RAF squadrons in September, 1940, during the later part of the Battle and continued in service in 'cross Channel "Round Ups" until she was eventually replaced by the Spit V.
The Spit offered an outstanding combination of high performance, agility, stability, and relatively forgiving handling that made her a deadly weapon in the hands of aces like Douglas Bader and Johnnie Johnson.
The most significant difference between the Mark "IIA" and "IIB" versions is that the latter replaced four of the eight .303 machine guns in the "IIA" with two 20mm canon to make it more effective against increasingly heavily armored Luftwaffe aircraft.
Perhaps the most telling tribute to the soundness of RJ Mitchell's original elliptical wing design is the fact that the Spit went through more than 25 additional variants, suitable for an incredible range of tasks, including carrier operations, doubling in horsepower in later marks. More than 20.000 Spitfires were produced and they remained in service until 1954.
This pilot's manual gives a complete run down on Spit II cockpit layout, controls, system functions, and basic flight operations including takeoffs, landings, aerobatics, dives, spins & stalls, and performance statistics.
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Picture of Supermarine Spitfire Mk II in flight

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Supermarine Spitfire MK IIA & IIB
Vital Statistics

Type: Single seat day fighter

Power plant
One 1,175-hp Rolls Royce Merlin XII liquid-cooled vee 12 cylinder piston engine, 3 blade de Havallind or Rotol constant speed propeller


Maximum Speed:
357 mph (at 17,000 ft)
Initial: 2,629 /min
Time to 20,000 ft: 7 min

Service Ceiling: 37,200 ft

Range: 500 miles


Span: 36 ft 10 in ft
Length: 29 ft 11 in
Height: 11ft 5 in
Wing Area: 242 sq ft
IIA: 8 X.303 machine guns
IIB: 4 x .303 machine guns + 2 x 20mm cannon
Weights: 6,527 lb
Fuel: 85 Gallons
Production (Castle Bromwich)
Mk IIA: 759
Mk IIB: 1,701
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