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Pictures, charts, diagrams, illustrations and specifications taken from real P-51 Mustang pilot's and mechanics manuals

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P-51 Zero Rail Rocket Launcher Installation (17k)

Bore Sighting Diagram (63k gif)

Gun Camera & N-9 Gun Sight(63k gif)

Using Sight Line Level Indicator (17k)

Wing Guns Installation (63k gif)

P-51A Wing Ammunition Boxes & Chutes/Blast Tubes & Bomb Rack Controls (44k)

Cockpit, Forward View (90k gif)

Cockpit, Left Side (63k gif)

Cockpit, Right Side (63k gif)

Instruments, Left Side (63k gif)

Instruments, Right Side (63k gif)

Ram Air Induction System (32k gif)

Installing Radiator Air Scoop Inlet (23k)

Altitude Loss in Dive Recovery - Constant 4G Acceleration (23k)

Flight Operation Instruction Chart (No Load) (90k gif)

Fuel System Diagram (32k gif)

Operating Flight Limits (63k gif)

Altitude Loss in Dive Recovery - Constant 4G Acceleration (23k)

P-51 Supercharger Surge Limit (63k gif)

P-51 Maximum Endurance Chart (32k gif)

P-51 Normal Power Climb Chart (63k gif)

These images are highly compressed for download. They are available in much higher resolution (300 dpi) in the 112 page P-51 pilot's manual our

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