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14th Fighter Group P-47N Thunderbolts
transfer from Saipan to Iwo Jima 1945
New P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter
Passes Thrilling Tests! 1943
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And don't miss out the amazing World War II documentary "P-47 Thundserbolts Attack!" the best film you will ever see showing P-47s in action.-
Flying the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt DVD
Four great P-47 Thunderbolt films in full screen digital
home DVD video.
Familiarization for the P-47. You'll see a detailed, step-by-step pilot rundown on the Thunderbolt's layout, specs, design and capabilities. Discover the how, where and why of the T-Bolt's massive turbosupercharger.
Ground Handling, Takeoff, Normal Flight and Landing Everything you need to know about getting the big Thunderbolt airbourn and back again
P- 47 High Altitude Flight and Aerobatics See the Jug rock and roll among the clouds performing fuselage twisting aerobatics to the strains of Beethoven's Fifth. Learn why you should always power-off before you roll into a "split s." Explore the Jug's dive limits so you can push her right to the edge of the envelope
Uncrating and Field Assembly of the P-47 Thunderbolt This truly remarkable step-by-step training film shows how a ground support crew could assemble a P-47 in a field using nothing more than muscle, unpowered hand tools, and pieces of the shipping crate it came in. One of our personal favorites.

* 50-page Republic P-47B, -C, -D and G Thunderbolt pilot's manual with photos, systems diagrams, performance charts & more. From the early models through the "bubble" canopy "D.

Thunderbolt! New digitally restored archival print with 5-minutes additional content Chronicles the exploits of the P-47 Thunderbolt pilots of the "Fighting Gamecocks" of the 65th Fighter squadron, 57th Fighter Group. Based on the island of Corsica off the northwest coast of the Italian boot, they flew from behind the enemy's flank. As part of "Operation Strangle," they continuously attacked highways, bridges, ammo dumps, railroads and just about anything that moved to choke off the flow of supplies to the Axis front line. This film not only features one-of-a-kind P-47 combat footage, it also shows day-to-day life on a MTO forward air base, including vintage pilot slang.
P-47 Combat Operations
This film was shown to fledgling "Jug "pilots before they shipped out to forward air bases around the world. This engrossing video features a half dozen real pilots flying real missions in a variety of roles in all theater of war, including very rare footage of Thunderbolt napalm attacks against Japanese pill boxes in the Pacific. You'll hear the action described in their own words, including a liberal sprinkling of vintage pilot slang.
Ramrod to Emden
The 56th Fighter Group (made up of the 61, 62 & 63 squadrons) was one of the most storied Air Corps units of World War II. Home to aces like David Schilling (22 kills), Frances "Gabby" Gabreski (28), Robert S. Johnson (27), Fred Christensen (21.5), Walker Mahurin (21), and CO Hubert "Hub" Zemke (18), the 56th blazed an early trail across the skies of the ETO in their massive but deadly P-47 Thunderbolts. "Ramrod to Emden" is the action packed story of their Dec 11, 1943 bomber escort mission (aka "a ramrod") to Emden, Germany. happening.
Includes P-47N pilot's manual
The 362nd Fighter Group: On the prowl over Germany (Color) Exclusive Production This video contains some of the most exciting color air action sequences to come out of World War II. Select 362nd Fighter Group P-47 Thunderbolt fighter/bombers were especially equipped with extra color movie cameras to capture thrilling ground and air attacks as they happened, Spring, 1945.
The 365 Fighter Group “Hell Hawks” (Color) Exclusive Production. More exciting P-47 Thunderbolt action from the skies over Germany, Spring, 1945. You’ll see extensive color footage of the 365th Thunderbolts in their forward bases in France and Belgium and exciting air-to- air and air-to-ground attacks, including rare gun camera film of the shoot down of an Messerschmidt Me 262 jet fighter
Bonus feature: Gun camera slow motion replay We have taken the extensive gun camera footage in these two videos, isolated it into an additional video, and slowed it down so you have time to see what’s really happening.

Picture of P-47 angles of Armor protection from a P-47 Thunderbolt Pilot's manual

Illustrations, specifications, charts, diagrams and more from a real Republic P-47 Thunderbolt pilot's manual

Instrument Panel: P-47-B (95k)

Instrument Panel: P-47-C, -D & -G (95k)

Cockpit, Right Side: P-47-B (95k)

Cockpit, Right Side: P-47-C, -D & -G (63k)

Cockpit, LeftSide: P-47-B (95k)

Cockpit, LeftSide: P-47-C, -D & -G (63k)

Trim and Rudder Controls(63k)

Main Switch Box, P-47B, Spot & Flourecent Lights, Light Switches, Parking Break (95k)

Throttle (63k)

Fuselage Contents Arrangement Diagram: P-47-C, -D & -G (63k)

Flight Operation Instruction Chart (95k)

Specific Engine Flight Chart(63k)

Take-Off, Climb & Landing Chart(63k)

Weight & Balance Chart (32k)

Gun Elevation and Convergence Diagram (32k)

Belly Tank Release (32k)

Canopy Latch Release (32k)

Fuel System Diagram P-47B (95k)

Fuel System Diagram P-47C,-D,-G

Oil System Diagram (95k)

Hydraulic System Diagram (95k)

Balance Diagram and Fuselage Contents Arrangements P-47B (95k

Balance Diagram and Fuselage Contents Arrangements P-47C, -D -G (95k)

Stalls, Spins & Dive Limits (95k)

Radio Controls P-47B (95k)

Radio Controls P-47C, -D -G (95k)

Control Box radio Set SCR-S22 (32k)

Gun Heat Control & Gun safety Switch (95k)

Oxygen Operation Instructions P-47C. -D -G (Part One) (95k)

Oxygen Operation Instructions P-47C. -D -G (Part Two)

Canopy Emergency Exit (95k)