What to do when your Sherman Tank
gets stuck in the mud & other
"Field Expedients"
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This film is an entertaining treasure trove of down & dirty inside info on how U.S. tanks and other tracked vehicles were kept rolling & overcame a multitude of obstacles in the field during World War 2. '"Field Expedients" were "Anything you can think of to keep your vehicle rolling." In other words, this film is a show case of good 'ol American know how solving problems in novel and innovative ways. Often times in World War 2, just getting to where you needed to go in your tank was half the battle. You'll learn how M4 Shermans & M5 Stuarts navigated a wide variety of obstacles, including deep mud, anti tank ditches, sand & boulders. How to repair common mechanical problems with simple tools or whatever is available around you. (You'd be surprised what you can do with fence posts & chicken wire!) You'll watch a Sherman back under a bridge & support in with its rear deck so the rest of its platoon can cross it, adding grousers to tracks to climb steep hills, repairing thrown tracks in all kinds of conditions, building corduroy roads, what to do on a multi engined tank when one conks out (many tanks had several) and much more. A feast for gear heads & off roaders alike!

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