B-52 Vietnam - 4258th Strategic Wing operations
out of U Tapao Air Base, Thailand
(Color, 1968, 40:00)
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Producer's Note: The image quality of surviving copies of this unique film are only fair, but still watchable. Where possible, we have digitally corrected sound and video
The focus of this dramatic film is an "Arc Light" bombing mission flown by Pilot Captain George Dietrich and the crew of B-52 D "075," 4258th Strategic Wing out of U Tapao, Thailand in support of the besieged marine base at Khe Sahn in 1968. You'll see every aspect of the mission from Wing briefing, pre-fight check & takeoff, through the bomb run and final touch down. But this is much more than a typical Air Force information film -- it's more like a home movie. You'll see Capt. Dietrich and his crew relaxing in a grass hut, sipping PBRs at the end of the runway, shooting the bull & watching the big Buffs takeoff. 258th CO, Brigadier General Alex W. Talmant, who flew 100 missions himself, supplies an honest, straight forward narration that stresses empowering junior officers. Also includes briefings from "the brass at Mac V headquarters, but the real stars of the film are the men of the 4258th. You'll see them up close, going about their business maintaining and arming the big B-52s along with behind the scenes glimpses of field operations at U-Tapao.
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