Sky Fleet 1934 - U.S. Navy Airships, Robot Battleships, Aircraft Carriers & More New!

This newsreel was produced to show the American people their modernized U.S. Navy in action, including Pacific Fleet maneuvers and the latest innovations on the sea and in the air. It's composed of diverse footage from the early 1930s edited together into a dramatic narrative. You'll see a wide variety of navy biplane aircraft launched from flight decks, catapulted float planes and land based heavyweights taking off to perform their assigned missions with exciting "from the cockpit" footage. The battleship Utah was converted into an unmanned remote controlled "robot" for target practice. The iconic aircraft carrier U.S. Lexington (CV-2) is featured at length. Huge rigid airships like the Macon were used for long range reconnaissance. This is a unique window back in time to seldom seen scenes from the 1930s biplane navy era.
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