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A Day with the A-36s in HD NEW!
RAF Mosquito Jailbreak & more NEW!
416th BG A-26s Attack!
Making a WW2 Gunner
Ditch at Sea in a B-17
B-29s Attack N. Korea & Nose Art
USN Gun Strikes Against N. Vietnam
M-10 Tank Destroyer Training
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A Day with the A-36s in Sicily
New 2023 HD Edition with additional footage!
Exclusive! The A-36 was the ground attack variant of the P-51 Mustang and was known as "the Invader" This exciting film includes incredible cockpit views of screaming, nearly vertical dive bombing runs. This is very rare color combat footage of an A-36A fighter-bomber squadron in action in Sicily. The A36A was equipped with the Mustang's original Allison engine, as opposed to the Rolls Royce Merlin adapted so successfully in the high altitude escort versions, which worked just fine for low level work. Note the quad 20mm canons on this fast and powerful attack plane, very unusual on an American fighter. You'll also see ground crews doing their critical support work, including fueling, rearming and maintaining these sleek birds.
RAF Mosquitoes in a Jailbreak & Bostons on a Ramrod
plus SAAF Spit Vc Dive Bombers (HD Restored) NEW!
* Operation Jericho (February 18,1944) was a daring mission to free hundreds of French resistance fighters, many of whom were sentenced to death, from a high security German military prison in Amiens. de Haviland Mosquito bombers, escorted by RAF Typhoons, made precise attacks on the prison walls to provide escape routes and bombed the barracks housing German guards.
* R.A.F. Boston Bombers on a Ramrod Mission to Occupied France -1943. The €Boston€ was an export version of the American Douglas Havoc medium attack bomber sent to the U.K. Ramrod€ missions were quick strikes across the English Channel, in this case against armament factories near Dinan in Brittany in occupied France, a short hop from England. As was often the case, this mission is flown at high speed against specific targets at very low level.
* South African Air Force 2 Squadron Operates Spitfire Vc dive bombers from Palata, Italy 1943-1944. This film is unusual for a couple of reasons. A relatively small number of Spitfire Vc Dive Bombers were produced and were rarely seen and South African Air Force (SAAF) units didn't get a lot of coverage. Spit Vc armaments were upgraded to either a 50 cal. machine gun plus a 20mm canon or two 20mm canon (both versions are shown here) and modified to carry 250 bombs.
416th Bomb Group Douglas A-26 Invaders Attack
EXCLUSIVE! This is an original documentary I put together from silent, unedited archival film footage and stills. The essential roll that "Attack" bombers like the A-20 & A-26 is one of the untold stories of World War 2. Legendary SFP 186 Army Air Force combat cameramen rode along with 416th Bomb Group A-26 Invaders during March and April, 1945 with color film loaded in their cameras. The results are some of the most beautiful and dramatic footage to come out of the World War 2 . You'll see fleets of silver Invaders soaring through towering cumulus clouds before unloading torrents of bombs deep inside the Third Reich.
Flexible Aerial Gunnery: Making A World War 2 Gunner
This Army Air Force training film is the best look inside a World War 2 aerial gunnery school we have seen. Developed to be shown to trainees at the beginning of their course, its a thorough step by step preview of what to expect. Some of the many things you'll see: the role of the instructor, .30 &.50 caliber machine guns, dealing with jams, compensating for bullet drop, estimating range and leading targets, bore sighting and harmonization & a lot more.
Ditch at Sea and Live in a Boeing B-17
Ditching in water was a fact of life for stricken aircraft in World War 2, from the frozen white tops of the North Sea to the Shark infested waters of the South Pacific. Lt. Reynolds, played by veteran actor Arthur Kennedy (Lawrence of Arabia), is copilot on a B-17 that ditches at sea. He's survives by pure luck, but the rest of the crew is lost due to a lack of preparation. When he gets his own ship, Reynolds vows his crew is thoroughly trained in B-17 ditching. He gives them the straight dope, step by step. You'll see training on land and in the water on everything from crew preparation, responsibilities, crash positioning, exiting the plane, emergency supplies, launching & operating dinghies to using an emergency radio, navigating, rations, first aid & a lot more.
B-29s Attack North Korea plus Colorful B-29 Nose Art
EXCLUSIVE! I created this original documentary from a recently found reel of silent, unedited and undocumented footage shot by the US Air Force in Korea in August-September, 1950, for a documentary that was never released. The highlight of the film shows an early morning briefing for 19th Bomb Group (28th, 30th and 98th Bomb Squadrons) at Kadena Air Base on Okinawa. Reminiscent of scenes from the World War 2 classic "Target for Today," the briefing is for mission against the all important rail bridges near Sinanju Station, North Korea and the port of Nampo, as part of the preparation for the Inchon landings and the breakout from the Pusan perimeter.
This classified US Navy report made during the Vietnam War, “Surface Strikes,” tells the fascinating, and now largely forgotten story of 7th Fleet hit run surface attacks conducted by destroyers and cruisers, close to the shores of North Vietnam in support of Operations Linebacker 1 & 2 starting in April 1972 through January 1973. The overall objective was to to disrupt enemy lines of communication in support of ongoing air strikes. In addition to interdicting supply ships, Navy Task Forces of up to 14 ships conducted high speed gunfire attacks, often at night, against troop concentrations, AAA & Sam missile sites, supply depots, command & control centers, munitions factories and more, all North of the DMZ and within range of NVA artillery and Migs, who scored hits on US ships.
The U.S. Army's WW2 M10 Tank Destroyer inside & out at Camp Hood TX
The M10 Tank Destroyer was the US Army's advanced successor to the half track based T12/M3 and saw action on all fronts in World War 2. Based on a M4 Sherman Tank chassis, it mounted a high velocity 3' (75mm) gun. It featured an open topped turret and with a top speed of 32 mph, was designed for the Army's "shoot & scoot" anti-tank tactics, not for slugging it out toe to toe with enemy heavy armor.
You'll get a thorough tour of the M10 systems & weapons inside & out, learn the roles of it's four man crew, and watch live firing exercises on maneuvers at the anti-tank school at Camp Hood, TX.
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