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F-86 Pilot Buzz Aldrin in Korea NEW!
F-86 Triple Jet Ace Jabby Jabara in Korea NEW!
Brigadier Robert Scott Remembers the Flying Tigers NEW!
RAF Boston Low Level Attacks 1943 NEW!
Position Firing for WW2 Gunners
Supersonic B-58 Hustler 1st Test Fight
Field Assembly of a P-47 Thunderbolt
Ditch at Sea in a B-17
Boeing B-29 Flight Engineer
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F-86 Pilot Buzz Aldrin's after action report - Korean War 1953 NEW!
Exclusive Production! 15 years before he stepped on the Moon with Neil Armstrong from Apollo 11's Lunar Lander Eagle, Lieutenant Edwin E. Buzz Aldrin was an F-86 combat pilot with the 16th Fighter Interceptor Squadron during the Korean War, flying out of Suwon Air base in 1953. The 16th was part of 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing, commanded by legendary ace Col. Francis S. Gabby Gabreski. Aldrin flew 66 missions and is credited with downing 2 Mig-15s. This short interview was filmed with his F-86 shortly after landing from a mission patrolling the Yalu River.
Korean War F-86 Triple Jet Ace Major "Jabby'' Jabara's
After Action Report - 1953 NEW!
Exclusive Production! It's not often you get to see a pilot give a live report immediately after returning from air combat. Triple Jet Ace Maj James "Jabby" Jabara gives an account of his squadron's intense encounter with MiG 15s in May 1953 during the Korean War. You can tell he's still pumping plenty adrenaline. In 1953 air combat was still toe to toe "guns only." He got one MiG himself, but he was sure he'd been shot up in the process.
Exclusive Production! This interview with Brigadier General (Ret.) Robert Scott was produced by the U.S.A.F. in 1987. In 1941, during World War 2 Scott joined Claire Chennault's "Flying Tigers" American Volunteer Group (AVG) in China as a "guest pilot," fighting the Japanese while still in the U.S. Army Air Corps. He flew several missions daily and learned the Flying Tiger's combat tactics. He piloted a Curtiss P-40 as a single plane escort for transports and on ground attack missions. In July 1942, the AVG was disbanded and most of the pilots were integrated into the Army Air Corp's new 23rd Fighter Group in in China. Scott, who had demonstrated his ability with the A.V.G. was named it's commanding officer.
RAF Bostons Make High Speed Low Level Attacks on Occupied France NEW!
RAF Douglas Boston Attack Bombers conduct tree top level missions to Valenciennes, Abbeville & Rennes in occupied France. Targets included German military units, logistics & war production plants. These raids were "on the deck" to avoid radar detection & FLAK. The "Boston" was the export version of the American Douglas A-20 Havoc supplied to the U.K.
Position Firing
How to hit a moving target from a World War 2 Bomber
Hands down the best presentation of how to hit a moving target from a moving aircraft we've seen. This entertaining and informative animated U.S. Air Force training film, "Position Firing," featuring waist gunner "Trigger Joe" (the immortal voice of Mel Blanc) was developed to teach gunners the basics of how to hit attacking fighters from bombers like the B-17 & B-24. (If you think you learned everything you need to know about leading a target on a skeet range, think again.)
Convair B-58 "Hustler" First Test Flight
On Veterans Day, Nov 11th, 1956 Convair's revolutionary delta wing B-58 "Hustler" supersonic bomber took to the skies for the first time, piloted by B. A, Ericson, who had also flown the first test flight of the company's giant B-36 "Peacemaker" intercontinental bomber. You'll see both the low and high speed taxi testing, including front wheel lift off, that proceeded the B-58's first flight, delivering excellent footage of the silvery prototype from a number of angles. The first flight takes the aircraft to Mach .7 at 20,000' and back down again without a hitch -- and you'll see it all in this memorable color film
Uncrating and Assembly of the P-47 Thunderbolt in a Farmer's Field
This truly remarkable step-by-step training film shows how a ground support crew of fifty men could assemble a P-47 in a field using nothing more than muscle, unpowered hand tools, and pieces of the shipping crate it came in. We're talking nothing more than hammers, wrenches and bicycle pumps! You'll also get a unique look at the inner workings of the big Jug as it is literally bolted together by field personnel. A must see for P-47 fans and shade tree mechanics alike! "One of my personal favorites!" Zeno
Ditch at Sea and Live in a Boeing B-17
Ditching in water was a fact of life for stricken aircraft in World War 2, from the frozen white tops of the North Sea to the Shark infested waters of the South Pacific. Lt. Reynolds, played by veteran actor Arthur Kennedy (Lawrence of Arabia), is copilot on a B-17 that ditches at sea. He's survives by pure luck, but the rest of the crew is lost due to a lack of preparation. When he gets his own ship, Reynolds vows his crew is thoroughly trained in B-17 ditching. He gives them the straight dope, step by step.

B-29 Flight Engineer

-The Flight Engineer was responsible for everything from an extensive per-flight check, through managing engines and other critical systems in flight to ensuring that all necessary repairs and maintenance were preformed after landing. All aspects of an Engineer's role are shown in detail in a complete mission in this film. Appropriately for the B-29, the flight is far from trouble free, adding an extra dimension of realism. And as an added bonus, the role of the Engineer is played by Hollywood legend John Payne and the narration is memorably delivered by Ronald Reagan. "Excellent B-29 footage here, showing the aircraft in detail, inside and out. Systems management on the very complex (and often unreliable) B-29 was a critical function." Zeno

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