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American Armored Combat Power -1957 NEW!
9th Air Force P-47 Thunderbolts & Their Pilots
P-38 F5 Recon Mission to Rabaul
We Flew the Mig 15 with Chuck Yeager
River Patrol on the Mekong in Vietnam
World War 2 Boffins at Work
WW2 Navy Aviation Metal Smiths
M3 Half Track Tank Destroyers
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Large scale armored warfare is in the news with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This 1957 episode from the U.S. Army's "Big Picture" TV series shows that many of the weapons platforms used in combined arms offensive warfare today are remarkably similar to those employed in 1950s cold war scenarios -- with some obvious differences. Man portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, and "smart" weapons like drones were in in their infancy and their profound influence on the battlefield was yet to come. But tanks, APCs and armored self-propelled artillery like 105 & 155mm howitzers were very similar in form and function to those used today. Close support artillery and tactical air strikes softened up enemy positions, followed by tanks supported by armored infantry. But, as you'll see, the use of tactical nuclear weapons fired by canons or delivered by mobile missiles like the "Honest John" were an integral part of NATO's Cold War arsenal
I produced this original documentary from dark, faded silent gun camera film footage from the Spring of 1945 over Germany. I've been able to restore it using digital technology. I've added additional info about the pilots and planes and added real P-47 Thunderbolt sound effects. Featured pilots from the 362nd FG are Alvin Lieberman, Robert A Jackson and the legendary Wilfred Crutchfield, flying his P-47 "Kentucky Colonel," attacking a wide variety of ground targets in March, 1945
P-38 F-5 Reconnaissance Mission to Rabaul

Photo Reconnaissance pilots received the most in depth training in the Air Force. You'll get a good look at a Lockheed F-5 (recon version of the P-38) inside and out and follow the aircraft and her pilot on a long range mission filming the huge Japanese base at Rabaul. On return to base, the recon large format film is then unloaded and developed at his airfield, analyzed by Intelligence and used for identifying targets for a B-24 bombing mission against the island fortress.

We Flew the Mig 15 with Chuck Yeager

In September, 1953, a North Korean defector handed over the first Russian Mig 15 to fall into US hands. This was a momentous occasion because the Mig had proven to be a worthy adversary for the North American F-86 Sabre in the skies over Korea. The Mig was immediately subjected to comprehensive testing. You'll see Chuck Yeagar and other top test pilots putting the Mig through it's paces and hear what they learned, along with a point by point performance comparison with the F-86. Nice footage of the Mig's armaments too.

New restored HD Upload! (Set the player setting at 1080P to get full resolution.) The USS Harnett County (LST-821) served as a floating base in the China Sea for PCF swift boat and helicopter patrol operations in the Mekong River Delta during the Vietnam War. The labyrinthine Delta was a hot zone in the war against well organized Viet Cong insurgents, immortalized by the film "Apocalypse Now."
World War 2 Boffins at Work
This is a trip back in time to see some of the fascinating innovations produced by British applied science & industry during World War 2. Produced in 1945 at the end of the war to show the public top secret projects revealed for the first time, you'll see Fido fog dispersal, Pluto undersea pipelines, 10 Ton Tessie (aka Grand Slam) 22,000lb bombs, prototype Gloster jets, early helicopters, high G testing in Canada and much more! These features are from "The Gen" R.A.F. News Magazine, distributed exclusively inside that service during World War 2.
World War 2 Navy Aviation Metal Smiths Make Parts from Scratch
Spare parts for Naval aircraft weren't always readily available at sea or in the field. Your see Navy metal smiths produce a replacement engine cowling from scratch in the field, including producing a mold and casting, for a PBY Catalina and repairing a PB4-Y (the Navy's B-24) with a new nose turret and more.
The Army's first motorized tank destroyer, featured here, was the T12/M3 Gun Motor Carriage,€ a modified M-3 half track with a 75mm M1897A4 gun mounted in the rear, an adaptation of the quick firing €French 75.€ The idea of such a thinly armored vehicle facing armored tanks may seem insane today, but the Army's tank destroyer doctrine at the time was €shoot and scoot,€ where fast moving anti-tank vehicles would harry the advance of enemy armor, shooting from covered positions, quickly retreating, and and then repeating the process, decimating the enemy.
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