Korean War F-86 Triple Jet Ace Major "Jabby'' Jabara's After Action Report - 1953

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It's not often you get to see a pilot give a live report immediately after returning from air combat. Triple Jet Ace Maj James "Jabby" Jabara gives an account of his squadron's intense encounter with MiG 15s in May 1953 during the Korean War. You can tell he's still pumping plenty adrenaline. In 1953 air combat was still toe to toe "guns only." He got one MiG himself, but he was sure he'd been shot up in the process. A close call. This was filmed right after he landed at Kimpo Airbase. Jabara had 15 victories against MiGs, second to America's leading jet ace in Korea, Joseph C McConnell Jr's 16. The original sound track was poorly recorded & had heavy background noise from jet engines and airbase activity. I was able to clean this up substantially using just released AI digital sound processing.
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