"There is a Way"
The 421st Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Fighting Cavaliers' and their F-105 Thunderchiefs in Vietnam
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This is the best documentary showing an Air Force unit from the Vietnam War. I digitally restored the color. The sound in this film varies in quality because it was all recorded on location at a busy airbase with lots of background noise. I have done what I could to enhance the voices to clarify them.

This is a lot more than your average USAF "information" film. Shot in November, 1966, this up close and personal look at the 421st Sq, 388th TFW has everything from exciting footage of a bombing raid on Hanoi, dodging SAMs and fighting Migs, to feverish overnight activity to repair and rearm the big "Thuds"at their base at Korat, Thailand. Best of all, its told through spontaneous interviews and open mics that capture air combat radio chatter, after mission pilot stories, and conversations with everyone from the base commander to pilots and mechanics. You'll see mission briefings and after action intelligence debriefings. Veteran pilots coach newbies on fighter tactics. The maintenance chief talks about the Thuds reliability. A pilot's best day: knocking out four SAM sites on a "Wild Weasel" mission. The squadron gets together after hours to celebrate a young Lieutenant's 100th mission. An amazing time capsule.
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There is a Way
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