School for Danger
S.O.E. & the French Resistance
Fight the German Occupation - 1944
(Digitally Restored)

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This is one the most exciting World War 2 espionage films you'll see. What's unique is that the characters play themselves performing the roles they executed during World War 2 -- from British secret agents to French Resistance fighters to special mission RAF pilots and operational commanders. This remarkable film on British S.O.E.(Special Operations Executive) wartime espionage operations in occupied France was shot on location after the Liberation. The film is a composite recreation of actual operations combined into one story line. The stars of the show, Harry Ree ("Agent Felix") and Jacqueline Nearne ("Agent Cat"), were real secret agents who ran dangerous espionage missions in conjunction with the French Resistance.
You'll see the agents train in a special school for spies in Britain followed by their infiltration into France. Then you'll see how they made their contacts, set up networks and safe houses, received supplies by night air drop, operated secret radios to send intelligence and receive instruction, and of course, they blew things up. You'll also get an in depth look inside S.O.E operations back in the U.K, once again played by actual participants, including assigning & monitoring missions and the logistics behind hundreds of secret nighty air drops to aid the resistance. --
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