P-38 F-5 Reconnaissance Mission to Rabaul


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Photo Reconnaissance pilots received the most in depth training in the Air Force. You'll get a good look at a Lockheed F-5 (recon version of the P-38) inside and out and follow the aircraft and her pilot on a long range mission filming the huge Japanese base at Rabaul. On return to base, the recon large format film is then unloaded and developed at his airfield, analyzed by Intelligence and used for identifying targets for a B-24 bombing mission against the island fortress. This film is part of the 3rd Air Force's "H-Hour" training series. Headquartered in Tampa FL, it encompassed the South Eastern United States with a network of specialized airfields, tasked with training 10s of thousands of pilots & air crew in operating and maintaining a wide variety of aircraft. They produced films like this to show trainees what to expect when they joined their combat units overseas, using real life examples with different aircraft performing missions around the world.

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