Enemy Interrogation of Prisoners (RAF - 1941)
Digitally Resored
This film was developed to show World War 2 RAF aircrew what would happen if they were shot down & captured, their orders and duties, and consequences if they let slip even the most innocent sounding facts. The film is based on information supplied by escaped RAF prisoners and via British Intelligence. In this dramatization the four man crew of an RAF Hudson medium bomber fall into enemy hands and are interrogated by Luftwaffe intelligence officers. Despite knowing that they are only supposed to reveal their name rank and service number, they gradually reveal important facts about their aircraft, airfield, squadron, missions and more. A movie ticket stub carelessly left in a pocket is the small acorn from which German interrogators subtly gain access to important information. Rather than using harsh interrogation techniques, they cleverly gain what they want through apparently casual, friendly conversation and hidden microphones. I restored the video & audio. tank tracks and the less well protected top, sides, and rear of enemy vehicles.
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Resisting Interrogation
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* Enemy Interrogation of Prisoners
(RAF - 1941)
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(US Army Air Force - 1944)
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