Medium Bombardment & Attack
with the B-25 Mitchell
(Digitally Restored)

Bomber DVD collection

This unique film was made to indoctrinate B-25 & A-20 medium bomber squadrons transitioning from Europe to the Pacific, with a focus on the North American B-25. These groups were primarily tasked with ground and anti ship attacks, inflicting huge losses on Japanese forces, far out of proportion to their numbers. Great footage of extremely low level actions! Covers operating in the tropics, squadron staff duties, planning missions, converting B-25s for ground attack and tactics for land & sea attacks "on the deck.
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B-25 Bomber
Medium Bombardment & Attack with the B-25
is featured full screen on our
B-25 Mitchells Go to War DVD
which also includes more exciting "on the deck" B-25 New Guinea air action in Air Operations Lae Salamaua, the popular film How to Fly the B-25, 'Winged Artillery" and a 94-page North American B-25 pilot's manual
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