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Large scale armored warfare is in the news with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This 1957 episode from the U.S. Army's "Big Picture" TV series, "Armored Combat Power," shows that many of the weapons platforms used in combined arms offensive warfare today are remarkably similar to those employed in 1950s cold war scenarios -- with some obvious differences. Man portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, and "smart" weapons like drones were in in their infancy and their profound influence on the battlefield was yet to come. But tanks, APCs and armored self-propelled artillery like 105 & 155mm howitzers were very similar in form and function to those used today. Close support artillery and tactical air strikes softened up enemy positions, followed by tanks supported by armored infantry. But, as you'll see, the use of tactical nuclear weapons fired by canons or delivered by mobile missiles like the "Honest John" were an integral part of NATO's Cold War arsenal at that time, designed to offset the massive numerical superiority of the Warsaw Pact in conventional arms. (Be sure to turn away and cover your eyes to protect from that nuclear flash!) The program was filmed at the U.S. Army's huge facility at Fort Knox, Kentucky in 1957. The first part is a live fire static demonstration that highlights the capabilities of the weapons platforms along with the composition of the various elements of the combined arms team – tank & APC platoons, artillery, air reconnaissance & close air support, field engineers, helicopters and more. The second part of the program shows a simulated combined arms attack on an enemy unit dug in on high ground, including a tactical nuke strike. No, it's not very realistic – it was simply designed to give the American Public and idea of the composition and capabilities of the Army, shown by local T.V. Stations.
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* Armored Combat Power
* Seek, Strike & Destroy: The Camp Hood Tank Destroyer Training School
* Tank Destroyer 3" Gun Motor Carriage M10
* Ordnance Repairs & Field Expedients for Tracked Vehicles
* American Armored Force
* Deployment of a Tank Company Team for Night Attack
* Birth of a Tank:The M48
Plus two bonus World War 2 manuals
* Tank Destroyer Field Manual: Tank Destroyer Drill and Crew Drill
* Tactical Employment of Tank Destroyers
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