X-15 Flight Test Report (1960)

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"I'm just old enough to remember the excitement surrounding the X-15 test flights when I was a kid. (I built the model kit.) I digitally restored the color on this video, which has severe shifts on surviving copies of the film. I'm very pleased with the results!" Zeno

This documentary was produced by North American Aviation to show the early testing and development of the record breaking X-15 rocket plane including the first flight on September 17th, 1959. The legendary test pilot, Scott Crossfield, was at the controls. The test site is Edwards Air Force Base. There is beautiful color footage of X-15 flights here as well as scenes from support, development and construction. The film also gives background for the X-Plane program, going back to the Bell X-1. The purpose built X-15 experimental aircraft broke speed and altitude records almost every time it flew. If ever there was an aircraft where form followed function, the X-15 was it! Fans of the "Right Stuff" will remember that the X-15 arguably entered Space before the astronauts of the Apollo program.ee Features


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X-15 1960
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