Wright Field
Test Center for the U.S. Air Force in World War 2
(Digitally Restored)
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Wright Field was the hub of US Army Air Force testing & development during World War 2. Virtually all aircraft produced by the Allies were flown in for evaluation, including (as you'll see) Spits, Hurricanes, P-38s, P-39s, P-40s, A-20s, B-17s, the Mammoth B-19, B-24s & B-25s.& more Giant wind tunnels & in flight air flow markers tested aerodynamics. A large facility was devoted solely for developing & testing propellers. here's even a peak at an early radar array, purposely miss-identified as a 'long range sound detection device.” Virtually every system in aircrafts were tested, including brakes, hydraulics,landing gear machine guns, & gun sights. Different munitions were developed including incendiary bombs. You'll also see the development of specialized landing lights, a high altitude testing chamber for men & equipment, parachute testing & more
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