The Story of the Northrop
YB-49 Flying Wing 1949
(Digitally Restored Color)

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The Flying Wing was the brainchild of Jack Northrop, who started work on the concept in the 1930s. Northrop advocated "The Wing" as a means of reducing drag and structural weight. It may be hard to believe today, but the original Northrop Flying Wing's innovative design was often used against it by detractors from competing aircraft companies ("An airplane that doesn't have a tail??!!") So, Northrop Aircraft produced this information film to extol the Wings virtues and answer her critics. The result is a film that gives a compelling overview of the principles of advantages of the Wing design, delivered by Northrop's Director of Engineering, Harrison F. Burke. You'll see color film of the jet powered Wing in operation, supplemented by an extensive use of instructive animations. You'll learn about the role of drag in flight in relation to efficiency in aircraft design, the advantages of a swept wing, the inherent advantages in structural integrity of the Wing design, simplicity and ease of maintenance, the role of center of gravity in tail design and more.


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