The United States Air Force in Vietnam
Restored Color - 1967
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I did a shot-by -shot restoration of this film.
This wide ranging USAF video covers the rapid expansion of the US Air Force's roll in the Vietnam War in the mid 1960s. Bases are set up at Cam Ran Bay, Phan Rang, Bien Hoa and other sites. A wide range of aircraft are shown in action including F-100 Super Sabres, F4 Phantoms, F-104 Star Fighters, F-102 Delta Daggers, F-105 Thunder Chiefs, A-1 Skyraiders, B-52 and B-57 bombers and more. There's exciting combat footage throughout the film showing air strikes over both South and North Vietnam. Meet the aircraft and the men who flew and maintained them. You'll get a detailed view of the command structure and mission planning, including a look inside revolutionary airborne command and control centers that managed battles thousands of feet above the jungle. Covers vital air transport, SARs, and FAC operations and much more.
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Scenes from Air Strike Vietnam DVD

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