Deployment of a U.S. Army Tank Company for a Night Attack 1962 Save on World War2 & Jet Aircraft DVDs at Zeno's Flight Shop

This is a fascinating look at planning and deployment of an armored force for a night attack at company platoon level. Task Force 211's mission is seize high ground in a forest in the dead of night. You'll learn about recon, formations, lines of advance, command & control & much more. This is a rare reenactment of US Army small unit armored tactics in the depth of the Cold War.

Bomber DVD collection

Seven films & two field manuals on one action packed DVD!
* Armored Combat Power
* Seek, Strike & Destroy: The Camp Hood Tank Destroyer Training School
* Tank Destroyer 3" Gun Motor Carriage M10
* Ordnance Repairs & Field Expedients for Tracked Vehicles
* American Armored Force
* Deployment of a Tank Company Team for Night Attack
* Birth of a Tank:The M48
Plus two bonus World War 2 manuals
* Tank Destroyer Field Manual: Tank Destroyer Drill and Crew Drill
* Tactical Employment of Tank Destroyers
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