Operating Light & Medium Tanks in World War 2
1943 - Digitally Restored

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Not only does this film cover the basics of operating World War 2 era American tanks, it offers a rare look at two seldom seen early examples, the M-3 Medium "Lee," (British "Grant") and the M-3 Light "Stuart." A Lee was featured in the 1943 Hollywood classic motion picture "Sahara," starring Humphrey Bogart. The Stuart appeared in many episodes of DC Comic's "Jeb Stuart and the Haunted Tank," often in the unlikely role of taking on German Tigers. Both tanks were active on all fronts early in World War 2, including in Russian, where they were supplied to the Soviets, who found them distinctly inferior.

The Lee was a useful stopgap against German tanks like the MK III & IV, but it had several significant shortcomings, including a high silhouette, riveted construction and a hull mounted 75mm canon with very limited traverse. It was soon replaced by the M4 "Sherman."
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-Photo of M5 "Stuart" light and M3 "Lee" medium tanks taken from the film Operating Meiman and Light Tanks."
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