Sherman Tanks on the March in World War 2
1943 Restored


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"Security on the March for Mechanized Units" shows how to stealthily move armored columns on roads and cross country in combat areas, with an emphasis on Sherman tanks, which are shown shown inside and out. You'll learn the five keys to successful operations: Advance Preparation, Alertness, Concealment, Dispersal and Fire Power shown in great detail through live action, animations & graphics. There's way too much info to go into detail here, but here are some of the highlights: minimizing tell tail dust & using shadows, training your tank platoon's guns to maximize 360 coverage during movement, avoiding aircraft & maximizing antiaircraft fire when attacked, the different roles of tank crewmen, concealment, camouflage & covering your tracks, night maneuvers, optimum spacing between vehicles on the road and during halts, using radios & much more. This classified training film was only shown to troops during World War 2.
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