Saipan Superforts
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Exclusive original documentary from Military Arts Pictures This recently discovered footage shows the 73rd Bomb Wing, based on the island of Saipan in the Marianas, operating against Japan in early 1945. You'll see B-29 pilots & crews on R&R and on mission in their magnificent Superfortresses. The fates of many of the B-29s seen in this picture are documented during the film. Some made the ultimate sacrifice.
You'll see a gallery of memorable 73rd Bomb Wing nose art too -- all in living color. "The "maximum effort" take-off scene is an awe inspiring combination of 18 cylinder engine roar and a musical score that's guaranteed to raise goose bumps. This film is very evocative of B-29 operations in the Spring of 1945.
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Photo of a B-29 starting her engines from "The B-29 DVD"-
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Vol 1 DVD plus 5 more
* Boeing B-29 Superfortress Flight Procedures Thorough pilot's introduction for flying the premier heavy bomber of World War II
* The Last Bomb Rare late war color film documents all aspects of a XXI Bomber Command long distance B-29 daylight strike at 12,000' on Tokyo.
* Air War Against Japan: XXI Bomber Command A concise history of XXI Bomber Command's strategic B-29 campaign against the Japanese home islands. Day and night B-29 action.
* B-29s Over Dixie Fascinating look inside the huge B-29 production facility built from scratch in Marrietta, Georgia.
* Target Invisible Remarkable documentary on how airborne radar was used for navigation and bombing on B-29 night strikes against Japan.
* 92 page Boeing B-29 Superfortress pilot's manual