RAF Hurricane "Tin Can Opener" Tank Busters in the Western Desert 1942 HD -Restored

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No 6 Squadron "Flying Can openers" flying Hawker Hurricane Mark IID tank busters, armed with a 40mm canons under each wing, take on Axis tanks & motorized vehicles in the Western Desert in World War 2. The Mk IID went into production in 1942, with additional armor for the pilot, radiator and engine. Initially supplied with Rolls-Royce canons that carried 12 rounds, they were soon upgraded to the Vickers S canons that carried 15 rounds. There was a Browning .303 machine gun in each wing. Mk IIDs were lethal ground attack aircraft. The Hurricane was a notably stable gun platform and the additional weight of guns and armor and drag didn't prohibitively effect handling, but top speed and range were significantly reduced. This film shows 6 Squadron operating out of an airfield in either Egypt or Libya, supporting the British 8th Army. I have used digital video technology to restore this film.
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