R.A.F. - "The Battle of the Seas" - Sinking U-Boats, Bismarck, D-Day, Tirpitz & More 1944 NEW!

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RAF WW2 Military Aviation News 1942-1945--
This action packed short documentary shows the roles played by R.A.F Bomber and Coastal Commands in the war at sea in World War 2 from 1939 through 1944. Highlights include anti-submarines patrols over the North Atlantic, the hunt for the Battleship Bismarck, shooting down a Focke Wulf "Condor" long range bomber, supporting the D-Day Landings, and sinking the Battleship Tirpitz. Some of the featured aircraft - Short Sunderlands, PBYs, Avro Lancasters, Bristol Beaufighters, and Consolidated Liberators. This film is part of the R.A.F "The Gen" film series, shown to serving personnel World Wide -- not to the general public. As is often the case in these complitions, there's some footage you won't see anywhere else.
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