Scenes from British Aircraft Carrier Operations in the Pacific 1944-45 NEW! (Restored))
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Corsairs, F6F Hellcats, TBF Avengers & more operating from HMS Victorious and HMS Indomitable in the Pacific Theater in 1944-45. Includes dramatic takeoffs, landings, along with pilot and flight deck crew activities. Rare footage of a Fairey Barracuda too. Part 1 shows Victorious in October 1944, part of €operation Millet,€ launching forays to Japanese bases on the Nicobar Islands and Nancowry harbor. The Royal Navy perfected landing techniques for the long nosed F4U on carriers before the United States Navy did€“ and then taught them how to do it. You can see it on display here. Part 2 shows Indomitable on January 3, 1945, part of Task Force 63's "Operation Lentil,” launching air missions to Japanese occupied oil refineries at Pangkalang Brandan, Sumatra. Excellent video quality gives a you are there€ perspective. You can feel the steaming hot deck while men go about their daily tasks. The stars are F6F Hellcats and TBF Avengers, expertly handled by Royal Navy crewmen. This documentary is taken from raw footage that I edited together and digitally restored. I left some original "slates" that were filmed at the beginning of each film role showing the date, unit, and cameraman as a tribute to the work they did. In this case, all footage was shot by American cameramen who were part of SEAC Photo Units attached to the carriers.
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