Learn & Live
Pilot Safety Training in World War 2
1943 -
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Pilot deaths during training were all too frequent in World War 2, a grim fact that was kept from the public, but was a matter of grave concern to the Army Air Corps. Shown only to pilots, this wonderful film, “Learn & Live,” is a unique combination of an entertaining, sometimes surreal storyline, with practical nuts and bolts safety training. Saint Peter (Guy Kibby) gives “Joe Instructor” a temporary pass to ”Pilot Heaven,” because he's concerned that so many more young trainees are coming up stairs before their time, due to ignoring procedures or excessive bravado. What follows are a dozen case studies of how recent arrivals, wearing angels wings, shooting pool & playing cards, met their fates, told with pointed, often sarcastic humor. (Their crashes are unflinchingly portrayed as a harsh warning,) Their SNAFUS, realistically set down on Earth, include fatal failures to use checklists & forms, flying into a storm, carburetor icing, extending a glide during landing, “doping off'” (day dreaming about your girl), not clearing your engine before takeoff, and doing crazy acrobatics at tree top level – a sight to see in itself! Each lesson is an entertaining vignette with a clear message, giving you up close views of World War 2 aircraft, including B-24s, P-38s, P-39s T-6s & Steamans. A true classic!
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