Photography Fights
U.S. Navy Photo Analysts Discover a Hidden
Japanese Base (1943)


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"Photography Fights" is a dramatic recreation of actual events told in a deadpan style, chocked full of World War 2 lingo. A small group of U.S. Navy aerial photography analysts labor away in a steaming bunker at an obscure Pacific island airbase during the battle for Guadalcanal, combing over air reconnaissance photos. They use magnifying "gizmos" to view the pictures, hoping to find new evidence of Japanese activity. They work closely with a laid-back Grumman F4F-7 Wildcat recon pilot who flies their missions. "As usual," not much out of the ordinary happens. That is until an anomaly is detected in a photo taken over a spot in the jungle on Munda on the Japanese held Island of New Georgia, within striking distance of Guadalcanal. Careful analysis reveals likely airfield construction under camouflage. Heavy American airstrikes are launched to hit it. In actual fact, the Japanese were using palm trees suspended from cables on Munda to hide their activities. The airbase was eventually completed, but its effectiveness was severely hindered by early detection and continuous airstrikes until it was overrun later in the War by Allied forces.
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