The General George S Patton Story
Narrated by Ronald Reagan
Patton graduated from West Point in 1909. He first saw action during the Pancho Villa Expedition in Mexico in 1916, the first US military action using motor vehicles. He joined the new US Tank Corps of the AEF in World War I. He commanded the U.S. tank school in France before being wounded in action. Between the wars, Patton was a key figure in developing the principles of armored warfare. Rising through the ranks, he commanded the U.S. 2nd Armored Division at the U.S. entry into World War II. Under Eisenhower, Patton helped plan the invasion of French North Africa in Operation Torch in the summer of 1942, commanding the Western Task Force of 33,000 men in 100 ships in the Casablanca landings. In the North African Campaign, he was an effective commander, rapidly revitalizing the demoralized 2nd Corps. He commanded the Seventh Army during the Invasion of Sicily, the first allied commander to reach Messina. He controversially slapped two shell-shocked soldiers and was temporarily removed from field command for other duties including “Operation Fortitude” the disinformation campaign before D-Day. Patton commanded the Third Army after the invasion which he led in a lightning armored strike across France. After taking the fortress city of Metz, his 3rd Army pivoted north to relieve Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge and he then advanced his army deep into Germany & Czechoslovakia by the end of the war. Patton then became the military governor of Bavaria, and later commanded the Fifteenth Army. He died following an automobile accident on December 21, 1945.


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