P-47 Thunderbolt "Flying Folly" Pilot Safety Training (Part 3 1943)

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This film series, produced by the U.S. Army Air Force, was shown to training instructors to prevent "avoidable" accidents during advanced P-47 flight school. The quality of this very rare copy is not the best, but I have done what I can to improve it. Each film in the series has a series of five case studies based on actual incidents that resulted in damaged aircraft and, in some instances the injury or death of the pilots involved. Watch P-47 Thunderbolts on the ground and in the air, supplemented with animations, charts and graphs. You'll see the errors that lead to each accident and then specific steps on how to avoid them. Our thanks to Bob Cairo, last president of the P-47 Alumni Association, for generously providing this footage.
This is Part 3 in the series and covers: Violent braking leading to a nose plant; Oxygen shut off at high altitude; Blocking an active runway; Mid air impacts during head on exercises; Dropping in to land from too high an altitude.
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