News From the Front in North Africa
1942 (Restored Color)

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"Shot In Technicolor by US Army, Navy and O.S.S. cameraman in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, November-December 1942. (Much of the film was shot by Director John Ford and his team of combat cameramen, as featured on the Netflix series "Five Came Back.") Hands down some of the best color footage we have seen from World War 2. This was tough "on the job training" for the brand new American Army and Air Corps." Zeno

Highlights include:
The Battle of Taboura, Tunisia unfolds in broad valley in a panoramic tableau right out of a scene from "Patton" -- and you get an armchair view of the action. German tanks and infantry advance in the open and are turned back by withering Allied gun fire. These are some of the first, and possibly only, color shots of Tiger 1 tanks in combat, taking and returning fire. (Tigers were so new in the fall of '42 that they are misidentified as "Mark IVs" by the narrator). Not a recreation from stock footage -- this is the real tank battle as seen from a unique perspective.

See a low altitude dogfight between P-38s, Spitfires and Messerschmidts, as photographed from the ground. Footage of actual tactical combat maneuvering between fighters is extremely rare!

Very low level Luftwaffe bombing and staffing runs against shipping, towns, troops and and airfields by JU 88s. He 111's and very rare shots of ME 210s flying right overhead. The Allies didn't have air superiority and paid a heavy price.

Plus, you'll see a treasure trove of early war color footage of Allied forces, including Grant medium and Stewart light takes, half tracks, jeeps, and US and British soldiers in combat kit both at rest and in fierce fighting. Tanks and transport are seen in transit through the mountainous North African countryside, then artfully camouflaged for the night before going into combat.Captured Italian paratroopers in dress uniforms with full capes are one of the many other vivid color images in the film. You'll also see Allied commanders, including Gen Mark Clark with soon to be assassinated Vichy puppet Admiral Darlan, reviewing colorful colonial troops. Grant tanks are unloaded from LSTs bathed in sunset. Troopers celebrate Thanksgiving with a scrounged up chicken roast -- and much more.


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