World War 2 U.S. Navy Aviation Ordnancemen
Bullets Bombs & Torpedoes
(1944 Digitally Restored Color)

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This films is an amazing look behind the scenes at what made the US Navy's Air Arm tick during World War 2. Aviation Ordnancemen handled all aspects of naval aircraft weapons systems, including installation, maintenance and arming & loading See them bore sight the guns on a F6F Hellcat and load it up it with 50 caliber rounds, arm and mount a 1,000 pound bomb on an SBD Dauntless dive bomber, load a a torpedo into a TBF Avenger, mount a torpedo under the wing of a Coronado amphibious bomber and more.
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Tin Cans, Cruisers, Battle Wagons & Flat Tops
The US Navy in Action
10 films with more than two and a half hours of exciting video

*Your Job in the Navy; Aviation Ratings. This series of five color films is an amazing look behind the scenes showing what \made the US Navy's Air Arm tick during World War 2.Not only will you see ratings going about their highly specialized duties, you'll get up close looks at aircraft like the SBD Dauntless dive bomber, Vought OS2U Kingfisher catapult scout plane, four engined Consolidated PB4Ys &PB2Ys, Avengers, Hellcats.& more.
* Destroyers Greyhounds of the Seas Narrated by the legendary actor & ex Marine Corps DI, Jack Webb, This fascinating documentary covers the history of “Tin Cans” from the US Navy's first “Torpedo Boat Destroyer,” the U.S.S Bainbridge (DD-1) in1903 to modern guided missile and ASW Destroyers operating in Hunter/Killer groups in concert with Aircraft Carriers.
* Floating Fortress This is a unique look inside an Iowa class battleship, the U.S.S. Wisconsin, during the Korean Conflict. Essentially unchanged from World War 2, the Wisconsin provided fire support for amphibious landings and inland battles, hurling 16 inch shells 20 miles. The Wisconsin was a floating city at work. You'll see all aspects of daily operations including inside the gun turret in action, on the bridge,and much more
* Battle Ship This film was produced as part of the ceremony commemorating the recommissioning of The Battle Ship Missouri in 1986. You see a history of the Iowa class Battleships, from launching during World War 2 through Korea & Vietnam to extensive refitting with modern electronics & Tomahawk cruise missiles before the 1st Gulf War.
* Surface Strike Vietnam. This classified US Navy report tells the fascinating, and now largely forgotten story of 7th Fleet hit run surface strikes conducted by destroyers and cruisers, close to the shores of North Vietnam in support of Operations Line Backer 1 & 2 starting in April 1972 through January 1973.
* The Attack Carrier. From U.S.S Langely CV1 to U.S.S. Enterprise CVAN 65 This is a concise history of US Navy Attack Carriers from the US Langley in 1921 (CV-1) through the deployment of the first Nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS:Enterprise (CVN 65).