The U.S. Army's WW2 M10 Tank Destroyer inside & out at Camp Hood TX
(Restored 1944)
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The M10 Tank Destroyer was the US Army's advanced successor to the half track based T12/M3 and saw action on all fronts in World War 2. Based on a M4 Sherman Tank chassis, it mounted a high velocity 3' (75mm) gun. It featured an open topped turret and with a top speed of 32 mph, was designed for the Army's "shoot & scoot" anti-tank tactics, not for slugging it out toe to toe with enemy heavy armor.
You'll get a thorough tour of the M10 systems & weapons inside & out, learn the roles of it's four man crew, and watch live firing exercises on maneuvers at the anti-tank school at Camp Hood, TX.

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* Deployment of a Tank Company Team for Night Attack
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