US Navy Carrier Planes in Action
in the Korean War
(Digitally Restored)
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Operating strategically off the Korean coast from the first to last days of the Korean conflict, aircraft flying off the highly mobile, invulnerable carriers of the US 7th Fleet provided an irreplaceable component in United Nations force's offensive and defensive operations. This film, produced by the Department of the Navy, gives an historical summary of the role played by carrier forces as told through dramatic, first person documentary footage of carrier operations and gun camera film. You'll see McDonnell F2H Banshees, Grumman F9F Panthers, Douglas AD-1 Sky Raiders and World War II vintage Vought F4Us on the deck, in the air, and pounding targets. Carrier crews function like well oiled machines to service and re-arm aircraft. You'll see exciting attacks on Yalu River bridges, trains, convoys, power plants, Air Group 19 Sky Raiders unique torpedo attack on the flood gates of the Hwachon Reservoir and much more. Non stop action!
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F2-H Banshee Fighters
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Carrier Action Off Korea" on the
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