Kill or Be Killed!
Close Combat for World War 2 G.I.s


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From the U.S. Army's "Fighting Men" training series shown only to troops. Americans were brought up with the ideal of "fair play" in sports competition. The goal of this film is to bluntly drive home the reality that giving an enemy a fair chance can get a soldier killed in a hurry on a battlefield. The idea here is to ruthlessly subdue, disarm or kill an enemy combatant without putting yourself in unnecessary danger. (Just because an body is sprawled out like a corpse, don't walk up to it nonchalantly without your weapon at the ready.) The emphasis here is on one on one encounters, including hand to hand combat, using any means necessary, with a weapon that will be most appropriate for that situation. For example: When to use a rifle instead of a pistol. How to pursue a fleeing enemy soldier. Using sawed off shot guns, bludgeons, brass knuckles, trench knives and a kick in the privates for close combat and more. This film was purposely designed to shock trainees out of complacency and into a "kill or be killed" mindset.
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