Victory at Sea
Killers and the Killed
From 1942 to1945 the Western Allies built a string of airbases around and across the Atlantic to extend air cover over convoys for their entire voyage. German U-Boats are no longer safe in the Atlantic and losses mounted rapidly. Rare film of anti-submarine aircraft variants like the Lockheed Ventura, maritime versions of the B-24 Liberator and the Martin PBM Mariner. The Allies seal the fate of the U-Boats by launching dozens of anti submarine "Jeep" CVE mini-escort carriers to cover the "mid-ocean gap" that can't be reached by land based aircraft. Excellent archival footage from the "Victory at Sea TV series (1952 ) with an all time great musical score by Richard Rogers.
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Photo of Medal of Honor winner Lt Commander George L. Street
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WW2 Submarine classics
Submarine Warfare in the Pacific New This film was completed shortly after the end of the War and contains dramatic footage on US submarine operations you won't find anywhere else. See Tirante, Trigger and other subs in action along with their crews.
The Capture of U-505 During June, 1944, Task Force "Guadalcanal" under Commander Frederick S. Hall was on station off West Africa, hunting U-Boats. Hall's objective was to capture a German submarine intact, for the first time ever. Here's how he did it
Design for War The Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-1942. Hitler unleashes the U-Boats. The Allies try to protect convoys. U-Boat aces in action.
Killers and the Killed Victory in the Atlantic, 1943-1945. The Allies develop an effective air and sea ant-submarine strategy to close the "mid-ocean gap."
Full Fathom Five The Road to Victory in the Pacific 1942-1945. The US builds, trains and deploys an amazingly effective submarine force in the Pacific
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