Land and Live in the Jungle
for World War 2 Airmen
HD Restoration!
(1943 - Digitally Restored)
Five crewmen from a stricken B-25 bomber parachute into a dense tropical jungle, many miles from their nearest base. The dramatic story of how they make it out is fascinating and informative viewing. Four of the crew land together & get just about everything right. Rather than fighting the jungle, they learn to make use of its many resources. On the other hand, the planes pilot, Captain Harris, played by Academy Award winning actor Van Heflin, is separated from the others, panics and does just about everything wrong -- and pays a heavy price for his ignorance. From their examples, here's just some of what you'll learn: how to use your parachute for everything from making a hammock to catching fish - and more, avoiding large predators and snakes, treating scrapes & wounds to avoid jungle rot, plants and fruits to use and avoid for food and water, what fish and animals are safe to eat using Halazone & Atabrine tablets to purify water and fight malaria, setting traps and snares to catch small animals and birds, dealing with and preventing insect bites, getting rid of leeches, setting up a jungle kitchen and preparing food, building and piloting a river raft, dealing with crocodiles, building temporary shelters and long term camps, using signal mirrors and fires to aid search planes, dealing with the local natives and a whole lot more.

-Land and Live in Extreme Environments

Three films
Land and Live in the Arctic
Land and Live in the Desert
Land and Live in the Jungle