Huey in a Helicopter War in Vietnam
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"The 'Huey' UH-1 helicopter is one of the iconic images of the Vietnam War. I digitally color corrected this video, which has severe color shifts. Zeno

This film was produced by Bell Aircraft to show the essential part played of their "Huey" UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter in nine different of rolls, including recon & fire direction, transport & supply, a variety of assault gunships configurations and medical evacuations.

The film uses dramatic combat footage to illustrate the theory, tactics and practice of Huey operations, including from the cockpit views of airborne assaults and the establish and development of LZ's in Vietnam. The advantages over and differences from traditional ground assault tactics are discussed and shown detail, along with varying tactics for different situations. 'Huey" is a dramatic combination of a thorough examination of Huey operations with down and dirty combat footage.

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* Sky Troopers: First Cavalry Division, Air Mobile The 1st Cavalry Division is one of the oldest units in the Army, with regimental histories going back to 1855, participating in all major conflicts since then through several incarnations. This film covers the development of the "1st Air Cavalry Division, Air Mobile," from it's constitution and operational field testing in the Fall of 1964 as the 11th Air Assault Division, through 1st Cavalry divisional activation at Fort Benning in July, 1965, to rapid deployment to Vietnam in October of the same year. The film focuses on the development of the revolutionary organization, mission and tactics of this unit as the first truly independent "air mobile" division that could have all it's components, including command and control, supply, logistics, communications, infantry, and light artillery air transported and fully deployed by it's own helicopters and supported by it's own gunships.
* The Army Air Mobility Team in Action in Vietnam focuses on air mobile operations as they happened in the field, with a heavy emphasis on combat footage. You'll see a variety of offensive ops, including "vertical envelopment" assaults on hilltops with Hueys & Chinooks landing assault infantry, supported by USAF bombers & helicopter gunships, to establish LZs on terrain commanding fire bases. You'll also see maintenance and support operations, refueling, and the quick establishment of forward airfields by air mobile engineers. You'll also see "Apache" helicopter gunships and airborne artillery provide vital support for a fierce ground against enemy bunker complexes near Bong San. And last, but not least, you'll see the essential role proved by helicopter medivac units to quickly evacuate the wounded to forward hospitals, thereby saving many lives.
* 'Huey' in a Helicopter War'" (Shown here)
* The Battle of Ia Drang Valley" While pursuing NVA units after the relief of the Special Forces base at Pleimei, 450 1st Air Cav soldiers were dropped into a small clearing in the Ia Drang Valley. They were quickly surrounded by more than 2,000 North Vietnamese soldiers. An intense battle ensued as more US forces were ferried in, supported by intense aerial bombardment, including, for the first time, tactical B-52 strikes. (Click here for a detailed description of the action. ) It was a tough and heroic victory for US forces that defeated the NVA's thrust from the Central Highlands to potentially split the South in half, but at the cost of unprecedented US casualties for a single battle to that point in that war (240 dead, 470 wounded), albeit while extracting a death toll of thousands more NVA soldiers. The air mobile concept was vindicated and improved, but the North Vietnamese learned lessons too.
* Complete 430-page "Operator's Manual for Army Model UH1/V Helicopters" The Huey. (Declassified) in printable Adobe Acrobat 'pdf file format.