Enemy Weapons
German Infantry Small Arm
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Captured German arms were used in this World War 2 era US Army training film to familiarize American troops with the weapons of their enemy.(Who knows, maybe they thought they might have to be used in combat if you ran out of ammo.) The 9mm "Schmeisser" MP-40 machine pistol, the 7.92mm MG-34 machine gun, 7.92mm MG 42 machine gun and the 7.92mm 1898K Mauser rifle are all demonstrated. That includes a demonstration of features, field stripping, and firing of each weapon. Various tripod mounts are demonstrated for the machine guns along with different magazines.
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German Infantry Small Arms
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German and American Automatic Weapons in World War 2 DVD
along with three more films and two manuals for the 94 page the Browning .30 cal, M1919A4 air cooled machine gun and the .30 Cal Browning M1918A2 automatic rifle.
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