"No Sweat"
Flight Safety Training with the F-86D Sabre Jet
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"The star of this show is the featured aircraft, a North American F-86D -- the all weather version of the Sabre jet -- which is shown in considerable detail. Notice the radar scope mounted on the instrument panel. I especially like the pre-CGI aerial shots of a real Sabre slipping through the cumulus. A beautiful sight!" Zeno

This film was produced by USAFE (United States Air Force, Europe) and filmed on location in Germany in the 1950s in order to cut down on costly air accidents resulting from pilot error. Seemingly trivial mistakes sometimes led to SNAFUs -- or worse. You'll follow a pilot through what should have been a routine hop, but turns into anything but. This black and white movie has a sort of 1950s film noir detective quality to it that makes it more entertaining than a lot of dry, by the book military training films. Hey, the pilot is just coming off a bender and he has a "Frau" back in Wiesbaden!

There are also some good insights into flight operations in a Nato airbase in the 1950s and flying an F-86D.
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No Sweaqt DVD
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* How to Fly the North American FJ-2 Color
* Part One: Flight Capabilities of the FJ-2 Airplane
* Part Two: FJ-2 Familiarization and Emergency Procedures
The FJ-2 was the US Navy's version of the Air Force F-86 Sabre jet -- identical in most respects. See an FJ-2 put through its paces in these comprehensive training films.
* The Fighting 51st
See the 'Fighting 51st" Fighter Group and their F-86 Sabres in action in Korea, including a typical mission. Legendary ace Francis S. "Gabby" Gabreski is the Group CO.
* We flew the Mig
In 1953, a North Korean defector handed over the first Russian Mig. Chuck Yeagar puts it through it's paces. Hear a point by point comparison with the F-86.\
* 438 page F-86F Pilot's Manual

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