3 Ways to Cross the Siegfried Line -1944 NEW --Save on World War2 & Jet Aircraft DVDs at Zeno's Flight Shop

There's been a rise in interest in "Dragon's Teeth" anti-tank barriers since the Russians started constructing them as part of highly visible defense lines in their temporarily occupied territory in Ukraine. Previously, during World War 2 they were an easily recognized feature of the Germans "Siegfried Line" fortifications built on Germany's Western border with France, a response to the Maginot Line. Although fearsome in appearance, they proved to be easily surmountable as demonstrated by the 23rd Engineers of the 3rd Armored Division in the Fall of 1944. No doubt the flimsy "Teeth" the Russians are distributing will be easily overcome by the resourceful Ukrainians. This film is from raw, unedited footage from the National Archives. I put selected scenes together to tell this story & added additional sound effects from Sherman tanks for a bit of realism.
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