D-Day to Berlin
with a Newsreel Cameraman (Restored Color- HD)


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This amazing film has behind the scenes color film of the D-Day Landings you won't see anywhere else -- and a lot more. Jack Lieb, a cameraman for " News of the Day" newsreels, brought along a 16mm camera to make a color film diary when he wasn't photographing with his 35 mm for theatrical release. The result is a personal look at what he experienced every day from London in the Spring of 1944 on, now preserved in the National Archives. Embarkation at Plymouth, crossing the Channel in an LCI, the landings on Utah Beach, the port of Cherbourg shortly after the city fell ( including long lines of German prisoners), a rare color glimpse of P-47s & P-38s flying from an ad hoc airfield near Sainte-Mère-Église, 3rd Army coming ashore soon after Omaha Beach was secured, the Liberation of Paris and much more. Jack Lieb himself gives a colorful and insightful narration. A hidden gem is a rare glimpse of a pantheon of war correspondents who worked along side Lieb from their base at the island fortress of Mont Saint-Michel, including Ernie Pyle, Charles Collingwood, Ernest Hemingway, Helen Kirkpatrick, A. J. Liebling photographer Robert Capa and director George Stevens, to name just a few. And Edward G. Robinson makes a cameo appearance before going on stage for a USO show in at town that was liberated only days before.
The colors of this old films had shifted badly over the years, but we were able to use state of the at digital technology to restore it to starling clarity. Don't miss the "before & after" sample at the end of the video. I've also added some maps and graphics to fill out the story.
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