USAAF Combat Camera Units Weekly Digest
Highlights 1944-45 (Restored-HD)


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United States Army Air Force combat cameramen covered all aspects of USAF activities around the World.These film digests were seen only by service personnel to update them on what was happening in other units & let them in on the latest innovations as they were invented in the field. Maps are used to show specific locations. Weekly Digests usually covered aviation activity, but AAF cameramen also covered other important activities on the ground in their area. This is "you are there" footage as it happened. Some of highlights: a "Chaff Chute" makes it easy to foil radar, dramatic storm damage to an airfield in India, bomber & fighter bomber missions to Northern Italy & Yugoslavia, a portable oxygen tank for emergency medicine is developed at a jungle airbase using spare parts, and missions to France before, during & after D-Day.
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Combat Camera Units Weekly Digest
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