D-Day 1944
Behind the Scenes with the U.S.Coast Guard
(Restored Color- HD)


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This remarkable film "Coast Guard Report: The Normandy Invasion" is a treasure trove of never before seen footage from the Normandy sea borne invasion, in very well preserved black and white film. We've seen a lot of footage from D-Day over the years, but most of this is new to us! The U.S. Coast Guard manned many of the specialized ships and landing craft used to transport men, tanks, vehicles and material from England to the landing beaches in France, sometimes sustaining heavy casualties. Some of these vessels carried Coast Guard Combat Cameramen with them to record this epic undertaking.The film starts with landing craft pilot training on Chesapeake Bay, moves on to intensive assault training in the U.K., and then through the Channel Crossing, D-Day & its immediate aftermath, including the massive storm that battered the landing beaches. You'll see specialized ships large and small & their individual crewmen in action, including LST, LCI. LCVPs, LCI's & more embarking, transporting & landing troops and equipment under heavy fire at Omaha Beach. You'll see the entire sweep of this gigantic amphibious operation in a new light in this recently discovered film.
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