Operation Carpetbagger
B-24s drop agents and supplies into occupied Europe
(Digitally Restored)
From the Archives of the Central Intelligence Agency, this special operation that supplied resistance fighters was too secret to be revealed during World War II. I digitally restored this video.

Specially modified B-24 bombers of the 492nd & 801st Bomb Groups flew up to 40-50 high risk missions on moonlit nights over Nazi occupied Europe, dropping agents and supplies to 300,000 Resistance members. The operation was run by the O.S.S. "Carpetbagger" group out of an airfield at Harrington, England. You'll see B-24 operations as well as a detailed look at the huge, well camouflaged supply facility at nearby Holme. Highlights include O.S.S mission planning and flight operations briefing sessions and a very detailed account of how different kinds of weapons, ammunition and other essentials were packed in custom containers and loaded onto B-24s for parachute drop.
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Photo of delayed action detonator air dropped to Resistance fighters in World War 2.
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