U.S. Marine's Bell AH-1 Sea Cobra Attack Helicopter Combat Capabilities NEW! (Restored -1982)
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The U.S. Marine Corps AH-1J and AH-1T Sea Cobra helicopters are twin engined variants of the Army's AH-1G Huey Cobras, which had been introduced during the Vietnam War. The main difference between the H-1J and AH-1T is that the latter was specifically designed to carry TOW missiles. The Marine Cobras saw limited action at the end of the Vietnam War and then in in Grenada in 1983, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi freedom. Nautical miles. They can reach speed of 170 knots , cruise at 140, have a range of 100 miles and are IFR equipped for all weather and night operations. They can mount a wide range of weapons, making them extremely versatile, include a chine mounted 3 barrel 20mm Gatling gun under the nose with 110' traverse, up to 52 rockets in four pods, four TOW missiles on each side, Fuel Air Explosives for clearing LZs & pods for carrying extra Gatling guns.
The film shows Marine Cobras performing critical missions, mostly in support of amphibious landings, including: escorting transport helicopters to and to onshore operations, suppression fire for landings and follow up advances, escorting and scouting for armor, acting as forward air controllers and marking targets and attacking enemy armor. Cobras typically act in two ship formations, supporting each other in "pop up" attacks from behind cover, flying very low, aided by their extreme agility to follow rough terrain.
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